How To Hire a Plumber, an Electrician or a HVAC Repairman like Real Estate Professionals DO


A power tip from Fernando Herboso, broker for Herboso & Associates; Having listed hundreds of properties and owned over 50 rental units the last 20 years, I learned how to negotiate with repairman and assure myself that they are NOT over-charging me.

Is all about  just one phrase that you could say at the right time, and it could save you hundreds, or thousands of dollars!

Your timing has to be perfect and delivered just like a punch line from a professional comedian. . .to early on and you will get gouged. .too late in delivering it and you already got gouged!

A good sign that you are in their trap already is when you ask them if they are busy. .

HINT: Your true caring nature just cost you an EXTRA $100!

Never ask them what you know the answer to be.. . they will always  tell you that they are extremely busy!



Read on. .

There's a game going on here. of course!

They need to appear very busy so their services are in demand and validate the prices they will ask for. 

Tip #1 

Don't just make it appear that way. . .that you are only calling one repairman.

Get multiple bids whenever it's practical. . .Make sure they know they are competing with someone else.


Tip #2 

If you are a female and live alone. . go the nearest good will store and buy the biggest man's shoes you find and leaven them by the front door when they come. .   .the message conveyed . .there is a lion king here. .be careful. . and I'm not your prey!

"The Phrase"

The same phrase that saved me thousands of dollars for myself and my clients trough the years. .

Are you ready?

Simple. .

"Is that your final and best price?"

And don't say another word.

Let them speak once. .

still  .. 

Don't say a word. .

Very often the person you are talking to will squirm into a submission and drop their initial price on the spot!

Most of the time, it works like magic if applied properly.


Technology has made this process easier for all of us. 

There are nowadays Internet sites that provides home services to give you bids from competing contractors and you can be assured that you will be paying fair and reasonable market price.

They usually work to match your request with qualified businesses that provide local services. They in turn contact these businesses for you to tell them about your job.

They check business licences and insurance so you know who is reliable and trustworthy by their high  standards. . . and they give you the confidence to hire a business with a competing quote.


Either way, do your homework , Google it and negotiate like a professional with my easy money phrase. .


"Is that your final and best price?"


Having a true professional on your side could save you thousands of dollars. .
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