Rockville MD | Why Americans Consider Moving to Another State? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Rockville MD Local Market Tidbits:

It really does not matter what part of Montgomery County you want to buy your house. It could be Rockville, Gaithersburg or North Potomac. 

You always need to know what type of market we are presently in before you commit to buy your home.

Your success will depend upon your Real Estate Agents knowldge in the local real estate market.

There are three basic typs of markets we are currently in at any given moment . . .

Seller's Market

Buyer's Market 

Neutral (Balanced) Market

Determining the type of market with clarity will ensure you the best possible outcome when buying your home..


Today I would like to talk to you about Why Americans Consider Moving to Another State?


Some Highlights:

In a recent Harris Poll, Americans listed "change in climate/weather" as their top reason for wanting to relocate.

41% would move for a “better job opportunity.”

Being closer to loved ones filled out 3 of the top 6 reasons why Americans move.


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Our philosophy is that if you do not have an amazing experience working with us..we haven't done our job.

Our measuring stick for success is not the number of transactions we make, but the level of satisfaction coming from all our clients...after we serviced them.


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