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Negotiating the Sale Of Your Home

It is bad enough that you are starting at a disadvantage .
You want to participate in the negotiations to sell your house against  a new buyer. .
You are not being represented. .
the buyer is.. .

Is like negotiating the release of a hostage . .
instead of calling professionals. .
the police would allow a family member to negotiate the release  of the hostage. .

"You are too emotionally  involved with your house to be effective"

One word, one act could be the seed that will reduce your net by thousands of dollars. .
be careful what you say. 
The other agent won't deliberately try to harm you, but 
He/she wants the best for his client and wants to make sure you will end with the bill after feasting at an expensive restaurant about the sale of your house.

One slip that lets the other "party" know that you are somewhat  anxious, or highly motivated seller. .offers are more likely  to be lower. 

When negotiating , don't stick around and get drawn into a conversation about price and/or your motivation to try to "un-convince" yourself of your "outrageous demands". .worse yet,  
you could say something you'll be sorry for. .

That is exactly why you should be represented to be fair. .
to your own side!

Watch the video below to see tips and  the importance in the negotiating factor when a house sells. .

Buyers aren't fair when it comes to buying houses fully represented against  vulnerable  "For Sale By Owners"


                       You are not alone. . 

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