For Sale by Owner Listing Services 

The Importance of the MLS 

(Multiple Listing Service) 
Why is the MLS important to for sale by owners? (FSBO's) 

Because is the place and  primary source of information about homes currently for sale and the prices at which other homes have been sold
These are called comparables and the MLS is the place where they are.

Comparables are key in determining the pricing of your home and a great resource for buyers, sellers agents, appraisers and brokers..

"Home sellers benefit from exposure of their listings to a wide audience of potential buyers"

In addition, for sale by owners take advantage of such unique tool to expose their homes to most of the buyers out there... 

But there is a catch!

Watch the video below to see the catch of the MLS to:
For Sale By Owners and what is syndication?

Did you know that the MLS alone represent over 90% as the reason why a home was sold?

"MLS networks are very important to the operation of real estate markets that, as a practical matter, any for sale by owner who wishes to compete effectively in a market must participate in the local MLS" 

 If I was a seller, knowing what I learned by being a broker and real estate agent since 1990..I would make sure my property was listed in the MLS 

                       You are not alone. . 

For Sale by Owner Listing Services 

The Importance Of the MLS