Save Thousands of Dollars and Feel Great Doing It when you apply these methods the next time you sell your house.

In this falling real estate market, many people are either unable to sell their homes, or they're holding on to a house that's worth less money now than when they bought it. If you are in a similar position and not sure what to do; consider this option:

Why not sell it in a HAFA short sale, pay nothing in commissions to sell it, receive relocation money and force your lender in forgiving you the deficiency?

Sounds like a perfect plan . . . especially if you are experiencing a hardship.

In this falling real estate market for Maryland and Virginia , many people are either unable to sell their homes, or they're holding on to a house that's worth less money now than when they bought it, waiting for the market to change. .

Guess what?

You may be waiting a long, long time.. .

While selling your home as a short sale may sound like a radical idea, it can actually save you a great deal of stress, energy, as well as thousands of dollars in the next few years.

Waiting on the market to turn and expect a sudden increase in home values. .. Well, an increase that will once again put you in the positive side of equity. .is a lot more hope than reality.

Reality is the crisis of unemployment, record deficits with no hope in sight, $4.00 per gallon gasoline and the most terrifying fact is that the artificial settled economy around Government spending will dry up as soon as the elections come to play and real belt tightening can be accomplished inside the beltway.

Selling your home for less than you paid is more than just a reality with a short sale; it's a chance for a fresh start for you and your whole family.

Overview for a perfect plan

When selling as a short sale, a real estate agent's commission fees get paid from the seller's home sale proceeds and the bank foots the bill together with all the other closing costs. Like transfer taxes, county taxes, state taxes, recordation fees. All gets paid by the home proceeds. The homeowner technically hires a real estate agent for assistance and the lender pays for it,

Therefore, even sellers who find themselves severely upside down in a mortgage--may be able to afford the services of an agent.

The HAFA Plan

If your lender accepts your HAFA Application, you will then be assuring that your lender will not come after you with a deficiency judgment. That's right, a HAFA short sale gives you the peace of mind of a clean slate from you mortgage.


A HAFA short sale also will give you up to $3,000 for relocation purposes. . How about that!.. . not only you have a complete discharge of your debt that could account for several thousands of dollars but, you also get some money to move out!

Before you make a decision,. You should seek an expert to give you all the options based on your current situation. There are many people capable to give you an accurate position for you taking in consideration your current economic situation.

Seek to understand your options, staying and waiting for something to change would only put you deeper in a hole.

Be aggressive, and take the first step today!