Schools In Clarksburg Maryland 20871

When you experience over the course of your life as a parent and moving many times trough several different schools it is obvious that not all learning environments are equal for your kids.
There are schools with better teachers, better technology, healthier classes and environments creating greater opportunity for success.. .such as the place I found for my daughter in Clarksburg's Little Bennett School.
Clarksburg SchoolsMy biggest complaint for the school is parking; undoubtedly if you come a function where parents are invited, it seems that each student bring 3 to 10 people on their behalf and parking is premium at this events.
I don't mint it at all. .I love the parent's participation in this school.

When parents are involved, teachers are involved and when teachers are involved.. .students win

Clarksburg Maryland has schools that are modern and nice, equipped with all the modern necessities.
One of the reasons why I live in Clarksburg will always be the schools. . .now that my fist grader starts his classes this fall. . .
I can't wait!
He is already all excited that he will get to ride a bus and will finally have classes with NO NAP REQUIRED!
In order for ALL of our students to be their best, we need to give them the best!
Good parenting starts with the choice of neighborhood to live. 
Because of this, residential sales in Clarksburg has been very active. . .now that the Summer is upon us, we are prepared for a busy one. . .
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