Sell House Fast Maryland

3 Offers are better than one. .
This should be an easy choice  for smart sellers in the Maryland area who want to sell their house fast

Our Easy Process

  • You contact us 
  • We evaluate by phone
  • We meet to complete a detailed house history data form
  • We present it to over 1000 of local investors in our database
  • We bring you 3 offers
  • You pick the best offer
  • We take care of the rest

Our sell house fast Maryland Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What locations do they buy property in?
A: At this point, they will consider buying anywhere in Maryland. But the main focus from our investors are: Montgomery County,PG County, Howard County, Frederick County, Baltimore County, Carrol County, DC  and Northern Virginia in some cases.
Q: What types of property do they buy?
A: They will consider all types of real estate and in all price ranges including: 
  • Single family Homes
  • Condos
  • Townhouses
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Commercial Properties
  • Vacant lots 
  • Land
Q: What type of offer amount should I expect from these 3 offers?
A: A much higher offer than if you receive it from just one single investor.. .I can assure you of that.
You have to know that investors are there to make money and that is how they make a living. You have to give them room for profit, otherwise you should assume their role and spend money to bring your property to optimum condition and sell it for a lot more.
This is only for sellers that do not have the money or the time to sell their homes
Our part is to make a win-win situation for the seller and investor.. if only one gets benefit from the sale. .we will not allow it to happen
Q: What if I'm behind in my mortgage payments? 
A: Depends in your situation, in most cases YES. . they can make an offer as we bring a solution for all parties to collaborate to make the deal happen

Sell house fast in Maryland

sell house fast maryland