How to sell your home fast!

When the time comes where you are pressed for time and you need to sell your home fast.

As a broker, from time to time we get calls where people want to sell their house yesterday.

Of course the traditional methods we use when selling a home does not apply to them

They want an offer an. . is all they want.

Many times we find that properties that need major repairs and are prime for a homeowner who wants to sell their house fast. .because they don't have the money for all the repairs and preparation to sell the house via traditional venues.

If an offer is all you need. We work with several investors that would be willing to give you an offer and give you the opportunity of making a quick house sale.

All we need is for you to provide details about your property, including the address, how much you want to sell it for?, general condition of the property and when?

If you want to sell your house fast, then you have to realize that will be selling it to investors and not to regular buyers.

Investors have position because they have the cash available and if cash is what you need, they will be happy in giving you an offer.

Retail you will not get. .

Investors are investors because they want to make money and they have more time than you.

Our selling process is lengthy and it in some cases it required months to go from beginning to end. We expect a reasonable effort to repair the house, stage it and allow us to market the property in order to get the highest marketable price of your property. Selling FAST and for the MOST money cannot be expected.

Just in case you have an unexpected situation and you are contemplating to sell your house FAST. Perhaps we can connect you with one of more investors that would make your decision easier. We screen the people we associate with and you can expect a fair price offer from any of them.

You can call us at 240-426-5754

The biggest misconception out there is that investors are like jackals waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners.

I can tell you that the investors in the USA, the UK, Greece, Mexico and other parts of the world. .they play a major role in the health of their local real estate markets.

Investor sales are a major percentage of sales nowadays in the US and they are the ones that risk their money to help the local real estate market on its way to full recuperation.

If you would like to be added to a list of investors that have the financial capabilities to make cash offer, please contact me at 240-426-5754 for an interview.

We are building a good network of investors in Maryland DC and Virginia and we love to include you!

I encourage calling us if you would like to get into our private network of investors

We Get Sellers Leads ALL OVER THE MD, DC and VA Region

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