What are the options if you are looking to sell their property?

Traditional Real Estate Agent route has been the norm on the past. . Expensive and slow

Specialized FSBO sites by-passing real estate agents- Online - less expensive but still slow

Property auction - fast sale but price not guaranteed to reach reserve, you still have to pay auction fees even if you don't sell.

Sell to investors who specializes in purchasing property for cash – selling below market value but VERY fast

FSBO private house sale - a cheap option but doing it alone may not get you what you are looking for.

So, how do you go about selling your house privately as a FSBO and still get the advantages from an experienced real estate agent and all the systems in place to help you sell it FAST and for the most money?

This might sound like a scary alternative but with the birth of the Internet it really is a viable alternative that has become very apparent now. .


My name is Fernando Herboso and I'm the principal broker owner for Herboso & Associates a real estate company licensed in Maryland and Virginia.

My company specializes in listings and has a proven system that once a property is introduced . . . it sells because my system works!


There is an elephant in the middle of all brokerages offices that no one seems to be talking about. .

We've suffered the biggest correction in real estate prices since the 1930's great depression. .

If you are a Maryland or Virginia homeowner, I can just guess a 30% reduction on your property since the heights of 2005 . . I don't even need to know your address.. .

The average loss for homeowner's in MD and VA is 30 % unless you are lucky enough to be inside those pockets where real estate prices have somehow resisted the loss of value. .at least not at the same pace.



The fair thing to do is to reduce our rates by 30%

The sad true is that most agents from the most popular offices don't even control what they can charge you to sell your property, their broker does!

This is our BETA PROGRAM

We will HELP YOU sell your home by putting your property into our 10 STEP SYSTEM for just $395.00*


Our 10 STEP SYSTEM will give you accesses to a complete evaluation of your property and a suggested price based on comparables and past sales. The same one we use for all our regular sales.

Depending on how quickly you wish to sell should influence how much above or below market value you are willing to set your price at. Bear in mind that a potential buyer may wish to negotiate you down on the advertised price so don't start at your absolute minimum, as this will leave you no room for haggling that may come from different angles.

ADVERTISING. Online advertising fees can be costly for just one property. . Our 10 STEP SYSTEM takes care of this for you . . . you do nothing!

SHOWINGS. Any time a real estate agent wants to bring a possible buyer to your property, you will be notified and the showings will be arranged by professionals. .they will also take care of the feedback for you. They will obtain a feedback and send it directly to you.


Let me make it easier for you. If I develop a strong response to this BETA PROGRAM, I plan to go FULL BLAST within SIX MONTHS!





#1 In-Home Consultation

Initial in-home listing consultation to provide you guidance and obtain information to incorporate your property to our 10 Step Program.

You will receive a CMA, (Comparative Market Analysis).  This helps you price your home to sell for the right price . . . but you set the final price.

#2 Digital Photos

We will use our skills in obtaining the RIGHT photos to display the best side of your property. These photos will capture the interest of buyers and highlight the desirable qualities of your home.  You may submit your own photos by email. Photos need to be in JPG format and 620 x 440 pixels in size. We advise you to take and send several high-quality digital photographs of the features of your home that will attract the attention of your target audience.  We will review/ recommend and select the photos that best capture the highlights of your home to ensure the buyer sees the best features

#3 Internet Presence

You can't grasp the latest trends in online real estate when you are just selling one single property, that's because developing a strong Internet presence in the local market takes time, effort and money invested.

We written over 2400 posts in our main blog and this powerful medium alone can guarantee you first place Google placement for your property for sale. This alone is worth the price of this service. We will guarantee you that your property will be in the first page of Google or you will get a full refund no questions asked . . . really!

You will also be listed automatically to all of these websites in the Internet . . .






#4 Marketing Your House to Homebuyers

When you want to sell your house, it's essential that you pay special attention on marketing your house to homebuyers. After all, marketing is the way to get people noticing that you're trying to sell a house!

Creative fliers announcing your home selling and spread it in the neighborhood is effective marketing. Your neighbors may not want to buy your house, but there's a chance they know of a homebuyer. And because they already know the environment, they'll make perfect salesmen for your house! "Word of mouth", as always, is the most effective step you can take at the cheapest price.

Thus the reason,

We will custom design a professional full-color Listing Flyer, with the photos of your home emphasizing its selling points, most desirable characteristics, list price and contact information. For your convenience, the listing Flyer is converted then to a .PDF (Acrobat Reader) format which can be sent to you by e-mail. Use this to reproduce it as needed.


#5 Centralized Showing Service. (CSS)

This service allows you outsource the task of handling calls for showing requests on your listing by buyer's agents. No more worrying about missing an important call for a showing appointment. The showing service incorporates live operators, e-mail, and the internet to offer the most complete and efficient appointment scheduling and feedback service in the industry. YES. . It's included in the price.

A lock box is highly recommended to allow seamless showings. An electronic "Sentry" lockbox may be rented from us for as little as $60 for six months, or you may purchase your own combo lockbox in Home Depot to facilitate showings by buyer's agents. You do not have to be present to show your home, and we strongly recommend that you not be present when a buyer is represented by a licensed agent.

This service will also provide you with 3 emails that will be automatically sent to the buyer's agent requesting feedback, if they don't respond you are allowed to call them directly to ask for feedback. . it is a good way to tune into the market and simply find out from the the buyer's agent directly what their buyer thought about your property.


#6 Real Estate Forms

Included and provided to you via email in a .PDF (Acrobat Reader) format, all the disclosures needed to sell your property.

All these forms are generated directly from GCCAR and approved by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR)

The forms may include:

  • Listing Agreement for Improved Real Property (required)     910    
  • MC Jurisdictional Addendum to Listing Agreement (required)     909    
  • Seller's Estimated Settlement Costs     914    
  • Short Sale Addendum to the Listing Contract (if short sale)     930    
  • Creditor Authorization and Release Form (if short sale)     931    
  • Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent (required)    1003    
  • Electronic Signatures Authorization    1343    



#7 Listing Broker Support

After the listing is input in the MLS, we will provide over the phone and email consultation as needed for the preparation, acceptance and presentation of counter-offers, provide answers to questions related to negotiations and review settlement statement before closing. We will work and coordinate with your settlement attorney of your choice and assure you full compliance of all the disclosures and contingencies lifted so you can have a happy transaction.

Our services will be a combination of all of these steps. . (Whatever it takes to take the contract to closing for a successful completed transaction.)

  • We will advise you in all offers made by other agents and help you prepare counter offers.
  • We will advise you the seller and provide necessary documentation, disclosures, and addendum's if required.
  • We will receipt funds and contracts with Title Company.
  • We will coordinate inspections under the guidelines in the contract.
  • We will negotiate any repairs requested by the buyer after the inspection.
  • We will follow up with the buyer's lender in order to coordinate for closing on time.
  • We will follow up with Title Company to insure a timely closing.

#8 Buyers Agents Commission

Under this program you choose the commission you are willing to pay a buyer's agent who brings you an acceptable offer. The coop amount is advertised in the agent only information on the MLS. It is your choice how much to pay, but if you use our services there is a minimum amount you must pay. Our reputation maybe on the line and that is why we recommend that you offer a commission of between 2-3% or a $1000.00 flat fee for property priced under $30,000.00. You must pay a commission to anyone willing to bring you an approved buyer to purchase your home.. . That includes us. If we have a buyer we are working with and likes your house, we will bring them over and expect a full buyers commission pay from you.

When is the commission optional?

When you sell your home to non-represented buyers. If you find a buyer who is not working with and does not involve an agent, you may sell to that buyer and not pay any commission at all. . Except the $395 listing fee!

#9 eMail Blast to 5000 buyer agents

5000 Real Estate Agents get a flier of your property via email, over the years we have acquired emails form the most active agents around. You will have one email blast to all these agents working with approved buyers . . . priced well and this act alone could sell your home.

#10 Sell your property for FREE!

If your property does not sell because you owe more to the bank than what you can sell it for. . We can help you Short Sale your property and it will no cost you any money. All of the costs are paid for by the homeowner's lender.

We can help you short sale your property for free. Ask for more information about this service when you think you are ready.



There you have it,

I have put together a great system that could rival the services of other Realtors and they get paid a full commission. .

Whether you are selling your personal home or an investment property, paying 6-7% of the property's value for marketing services can lead you to financial ruin - and in today's market it can eliminate much if not all of your equity or profit.  With this BETA PROGRAM "The 10 Step System "you keep substantially more of the equity you would otherwise pay to a listing agent!

To order this package, all you have to do is call us for a phone interview 240-426-5754 and ask for the Beta Program. .and if we are compatible, we expect the payment of $395.00 upfront before our in-house consultation

See here how we SOLD a house in 9 Days on a tough market!

We will only accept 5 listings under this program. . Call for availability

Thank you,

Fernando Herboso

Broker - Solutions Finder

"Don't Pray For A Miracle. . .expect it!" 

Herboso & Associates llc 



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My real estate knowledge is always up-to-date. For expertise you can depend on, call me when you have questions about the market or are ready to make a significant move. . .Quality representation is not expensive, its priceless!