You already know that selling your home can be a complex process. If you make mistakes, you may put yourself in a bad situation that could cost you thousands of dollars.

There are a few pitfalls you must avoid at all costs. .

Overpricing Your Home

It's important to be real about the value of your home. As a seller, you should carefully examine your criteria in pricing your home. Comparative information from a trusted source is most critical in getting a house priced properly. If you are just surfing the net and getting price information from unreliable sources, your expectations are raised and you will be learning a hard lesson months later.

Use a trusted source to price your home. . . as a Realtor/Broker that has secured over 350 listings since I started my own career. . I would pay $500 to have my own house appraised and be completely assured that I will be selling my house for what is worth and not for what I wish to sell it for. .

Either way I win. .

Then you ask yourself, why most people don't start with this approach?

Simple, because it cost money and a $500 full appraisal is not on their plans. . .

My advice, spend the money and don't rely on grey comparables.. . find the bottom line and an appraisal on hand to validate your pricing.


Not Displaying Curb Appeal

You do not have to invest thousands of dollars into fixing your home before selling . .but there some basic steps you must take to bring your house's best side

Don't go overboard on Home improvements

Don't go also spending thousands of dollars in staging your home. It just have to feel warm and inviting when a buyer sees it the first time.

They are not looking for perfection, they are looking for clean and "doable-for them". . big difference.

A rose colored granite counter would turn me off. . then a black granite counter would give my wife second thoughts. .you can't please everyone. Just clean it, clean it and clean it some more.

Your grass should be freshly cut, plant some flowers, organize you home's interior, get rid of foul smells using the appropriate chemicals and apply a new coat of paint to anything that looks dirty and worn.


Home Inspection

I always recommend to my sellers. .just have all general inspections done in advance. Believe me, when people spend thousands of dollars on a property, they will not take a chance.

There will a home inspection done, trust me. .

The advantage here is that you are taking control of the situation doing the 'RIGHT" repairs and preparing your home for top price


As a listing specialist , this is just simple advice if you are considering selling your home.. .

Obvious, the most important one is to hire someone that have the experience and refuse on the job training with any individual wanting to list your home.

Yes, is that important!

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Follow these steps and you will go a long way towards avoiding being a victim and trip when selling your home.