Selling Your Home Without an Agent in Maryland 

The Internet plays a significant role in real estate business. 
Property owners can display their homes on the Internet and can easily sell their property without paying any commission to brokers. 
That has been proven many times already. .
But, the question is:
How much more money would these homeowners could have added to their proceeds if they started with a different plan?
Sometimes sellers  choose FSBO just because they want to be actively involved in the entire advertising procedure. . but  in most cases an FSBO only wants  to save a large amount of money by selling their own houses. 
Regardless of your intent, 
The internet has given you a added advantage that has equalized your exposure. .that of what an average agent can give you

It is very difficult trying to subjectively value your home because of the added emotional attachment that you may have for your house.

Buyers don't care if your daughter was married in your back yard
This may lead you to put more emphasis for the property's good points and to really overlook any shortcomings. 

When setting the asking price it is important to remember that the value of your home is directly proportional to how much a buyer is willing  to pay for your home today. .

Pricing Your House Tips for FSBO's

see video below

The decision to sell you house without a Realtor® is one you should make carefully. 
If you're comfortable with the sales process, going FSBO may be an option to help you save money. .but If you're not comfortable with the negotiating process, then you may want to consider using a Realtor® that understands the reason why you are choosing this path.

 Before anything else, your first step should be to at least check out what we offer you inside
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Selling Your Home Without an Agent in Maryland