Recently, I connected with an investor from the UK

He is
an investor that buys houses in the UK for resale and profit.

The same scenario exists here in Maryland and the whole Washington Metropolitan area.

There a lot investors looking to buy houses when a seller wants a quick out!

It seem the opportunity exists in both sides of the pond.

Occasionally, we find these homeowners and we become sort of a middle man for them.

We have an entire department that deals with investors only and we have over 5000 subscribers that are house buyers ready to receive any new offers.

If you want to sell your home

Either the traditional way of selling by using a Realtor to list your property for sale or.

If you can't wait and want a cash offer now!

Regardless, my advice is always the same

Selling your home is stressful enough without worrying about getting a fair price to begin with.

You can assure yourself to get the most for your property from a regular buyer or a regular investor following these tips to ready your house.

I will give you the following tips for getting fair market value for your home quickly and used this to sell from $60,000 homes to $1,000,000 homes.

First things first:

  • Start at the front yard and clean up the weeds, cut the grass and pick up trash (Cost-One weekend)
  • Plant brown spots with grass seeds and/or convert spot to plant a small flower garden (Cost-One weekend)
  • Remove empty pots and containers around the house. . they clutter your yard and make it look small (Cost-One weekend)
  • Wash the windows . .all the windows and use two bottles of Windex! (Cost-One weekend)
  • Inside, take down worn out window coverings. (Cost-One weekend)
  • Pack personal effects: family photos, memorabilia, all magazine piles out of view. . I promise, they will not help you sell the house to the highest value.
  • Open window coverings, let the sunshine in and air your home out. .. no smells allowed
  • Get rid of excess furniture, you want as many bare walls as possible when selling a home.
  • Hold a yard sale and use the money to pay a gardener for one weekend.


The following cost a little more than sweat equity but. . It is worth the investment with a return in some cases to be tenfold!

  • Freshen the paint around the house. .specially around kitchen and bathrooms
  • Fix everything you possibly can that you may be required to do anyways. .



Remember, when selling a home to an investor, you are selling it WHOLESALE. They want to make money from your home

Nothing is really wrong with that. .specially if you are pressed for time.

But always recognize the little things you must do in order to get the top value for your house.

If you would like to sell your home in Maryland DC or Virginia and would like a no obligation presentation with Herboso & Associates. .please call us and we will direct you to fulfill your goals as quickly as possible.

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