If you are selling. .
Innovation and creativity are are very important considerations for the marketing of your property. 
With the rapid changing housing market and the introduction  of the Internet, We are charging on the forefront for some of the most innovative practices in real estate that will assure exposing your market the the right people at the right time.
What does "NOT" selling a house should not be for consumers. 
Selling your home should be always an enjoyable process, not one filled with stress and anxiety.
Education of the process is a good start. .
Frequent communications is also a great way to keep worries away
Stress comes from the unknown. 
Anxiety comes when you don't have a crystal ball to see where, when and how the selling of your house is going to be.
As a listing Broker, I put a customized blueprint together based on facts and probabilities pertaining the specific needs for each of my listing clients. .
Where understanding the market kills the anxiety 
As the stress level drops from knowing that you've hired a seasoned real estate professional . .. someone who not only have the professional business experience, but also offers you his/her wisdom to guide you trough the many decisions and concerns during the sale of your home.

Here's a sample of a satisfied client. .with no anxiety or stress, completely happy for the results and convinced from day one that she made the right choice.

The "10 Ugly Truths You Must Know Before Selling" is part of a complete home selling system that I've developed during the past few years ? embracing new technology and rejecting old past techniques from the 80’s. .
I invite you to find these and many more helpful information inside our guide. .