What is the Process of a  Short Sale 

After you've Missed Your Mortgage the Last Three Years?

There are not as many short sales as before. . .still many homeowners are now being pushed in doing short sales because the lenders had enough!
 Many homeowners quickly found out that a modification was a lengthy process that could keep them inside their houses while waiting for lost paperwork and many reviews.
Lenders were obliging. .
Not anymore
We are now  getting many calls from people that have exhausted all their options until now. .
And they are being forced to choose.. .
As the second call for help came to me today. .surprisingly two in a row under the same scenario. .
The banks says. .
" Either DO a Short Sale or we will Foreclose!"
If you find yourself in the same predicament
My advice is for you to control the situation and let a short sale dignify your exit from your house that carried you for so many months without payments. .
This is when you take control of your exit for an easy transition to a new location where you will choose to live. .
Every case is different,. 
Every lender has its policies . .
But if the lender is suggesting to do a short sale after you've missed 3 years of mortgage payments. .
You should take that. .
. .unless you have the money to pay the entire balance off from all the mortgage payments  you've missed paying. . 
I asked the person that called me today. .
When was the last time you made a mortgage payment? 
"Her answer was 3 years!"
Just to refresh you about the short sale process. .

The process of a short sale begins with identification of your current financial situation and the need to make a decision
Then comes the qualification period where you ask. .
"Do I qualify for a short sale?
This is when you should seek the services of a real estate short sales specialists agent.. .because even if your lender has already suggested to take the short sale route. .you still have to qualify and get a written approval

Watch the video below and learn more about the process of a Short Sale? 
Watch the video below where I discus how our team works to get our short sales approved

Check the rest of our video series here. .

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Facing foreclosure can be overwhelming and scary, but by taking the right steps you may be able to save your credit and wake up from the nightmare you are experiencing today. .
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