CLIENT: "Hi Fernando, do you remember me?"
ME: "Of course I do, you are the one I helped a couple years ago do a short sale. .how are you doing?, How is the family?"
CLIENT: "We are doing well, we are receiving  your emails every week and in one of them, you've mentioned  about being a great time to buy again. .I was wondering if you can help us, I think we are ready to be HOMEOWNERS once again?"
ME: "Of course we can! Let me get you connected with a loan officer and see where you are as far as your credit is concerned . .and we'll go from there. . OK? "
CLIENT: "Thank you Fernando, we are ready when you are. .our lease ends in 3 months and I just got a raise."

"An experienced loan officer with access to many programs available could possible find the right loan based on your own circumstances. . . you will never know until you try it!"

ME: "Great news, you qualify for a loan. .I'll get you connected with our buyer agent and lets start looking for homes!

CLIENT: Thank you Fernando, we have this weekend available. .

I'm very happy to report the ratification of one contract for our dear clients. .there will be some celebrating in order when they get their new house keys!

Dear Consuelita:
Your parents  hired me to do a short sale a couple years ago, you were two years old then. . of course you don't remember me.. .

I'm the one that sold their house and arrange it with their lender,Bank of America to forgive your parents from over $100,000 of debt and many years of residing inside a home living  underwater; with no hopes for a better future and not knowing how many years they will have to pay. . before they even catch up to their home's value. 

Now, you've turned  four years old. .two years later and  their nightmare is over and you will start kindergarten soon coming to your brand new home everyday!

You can have a puppy now. . your parents make the rules . .not your landlord

They can paint your bedroom walls pink. .without having to ask your landlord's permission.

They can possible refinance your new house in 14 years and have enough to pay for your college.. 
I shudder with fear knowing of that day your parents made the decision to do a short sale or not. .at their kitchen table.
That day was a huge day for them. 
A day that determined that may have determined your future!
A day that determined where they were going to be two years later. .5 years later. . 14 years later.
I was very happy for their decision then. .
I'm very happy for you now. .

See you at closing Consuelita.. .I'll be the one holding a teddy bear for you!

Now, ask yourself. . .about the loan modification you may have signed. .was that good for you. ..or just your bank?



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