Short Sales Agent in Montgomery County Maryland 

What is the Process of a  Short Sale?

A short sale is born out of a need,  when a homeowner realizes that there is no other recourse. . either let the lender foreclose or ask the lender to approve a short sale

The process of a short sale begins with identification of your current financial situation and the need to make a decision

It is a series of steps one must take carefully
The implications can be overwhelming and being aware of all the risks is prudent from your part. 

It starts with the self- qualification period where you ask these 3 questions. .
If you answer is yes, 
This is when you should seek the services of a real estate short sales specialists agent.

Gathering documentation is one of the next steps in the process . .put your home on the market and. .

Watch the video below and learn more about the process of a Short Sale? 

Get the facts from a distressed property expert that has the ability to help you avoid a foreclosure by doing a Short Sale today!

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Short Sales Agent in Montgomery County Maryland