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Why Do We Use an Attorney. .. To Help Our Short Sales?

The guidelines for Real Estate Agents to follow as of July 1st 2013 is mandated by the Federal Regulation "O" and the Maryland MARS Act specifically address the need to regulate licensees that may be negotiating on your behalf. Our services are set up for us to become a conduit between you and your lender. When the time comes where conditions are not favorable to our clients, we then contact an attorney that assist us in all our short sales to negotiate the best terms for you. The same law states that no one should  charge you any money to do your  short sale, we pride ourselves to have already set up a system for the last 7 years and not charge our clients any fees when we do a short sale for them.
 Why do you need to have an attorney or a licensed  short sale negotiator to help you do your short sale? 
They are speaking on your behalf. .
They know when to press and when to pull back
They know the results will have tremendous consequences for your future

An inexperienced negotiator could  put the entire transaction at risk when there is no proficiency in the following areas: 

 Refuting the banks assertions of current market value. 
Negotiating more than just a release of the lien(s).
Negotiating deletion of Promissory Notes and Deficiency Judgments stipulations, etc.
 Ability to escalate a short sale transaction to the proper individual or department within the lender organization
Our attorneys are proficient and determine to get the best outcome for you. .
Our attorney has an authorization from you for your lender and he is available to discuss any concerns you may have when we do a short sale. 
We are proud to be associated with Village Settlements and it's attorneys to help our clients in this time of need.

Watch the video below where I discus how our team works to get our short sales approved

Check the rest of our video series here. .

                                   no fees
"The strength of our experience and knowledge is invaluable to anyone seeking for a solution"

Facing foreclosure can be overwhelming and scary, but by taking the right steps you may be able to save your credit and wake up from the nightmare you are experiencing today. .
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What you should do first before a short sale? 

Considering a short sale in Maryland? -- 

Before proceeding with this idea, you should know about the steps you must take first. .
 Have you tried a loan modification?
Have you contacted your lender?
What are your lenders policies?
Is the difficult situation you currently in just temporary?
Have you consider renting your house? 
What about a loan workout?
Do you understand what a deed in lieu of a foreclosure is?
There are many steps you must take before you venture in a short sale. The most important one is to be fully aware of all your options at any given moment.

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