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What can you do if your love nest needs to be SOLD quickly and you owe more than what the home is worth?
Getting out from under your home mortgage is a big deal during a divorce. What was once the home of your dreams for the both of you. . now has become an impediment of major proportions when you decide to split.

Do you know that the fact you are getting a divorce. .could be the hardship you need  to sell your home as a short sale?

A short sale does give you the leverage to get rid of such a burden and start fresh again.

If neither one of you can afford your house alone, simple sell it.

This is the time where our experience can help you put this together. .

We know the goal. . 

Managing Your Finances During a Divorce with an Experienced Realtor To Sell Your Home. . Could Be The Difference You Are Seeking For. . 


In case you are wondering. . 

How Much A Short Sale Cost Me After All?


foreclosures"A short sale could be the option you are looking for"


In a short sale you SELL YOUR HOUSE

In a Foreclosure. . . YOU LOSE IT!


short sales maryland

Click on my eBook about Short Sales.. .to have a clearer vision if you could use a SHORT SALE in order to start a new fresh start.. .you must have a hardship to qualify.

Fernando Herboso is a Certified Distressed Property Expert 
Short Sales Maryland

and a Gold Member Certified Default Resolution SpecialistTM with (CDRS)

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