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Why do a short sale? . .

Is it debt forgiveness what you want??
What about your credit?
When can you buy again?
Do you have a negative equity in your home?
Are you really a homeowner. . or just a mortgage owner?

Considering a short sale? -- In this video you will find important information about the reason why you may consider doing a short sale.

If you have been without paying your mortgage for months. .would a short sale help you now? or are you just hoping the lender will forget about you?

Peace of mind is valuable and it is another reason. .

Before you lose your home to a foreclosure. .a short sale maybe a better alternative option for you.(for many reasons)

What are the minimum requirements to do a short sale?

Can you do it on your own?

Can you make money doing a short sale?

I invite you to watch our FACT SERIES VIDEOS to learn all about short sales  This following video answers the question. .

Watch the video below and learn more facts about 

These videos are intended to provide the latest information to sellers during the process of a short sale.This is our attempt to teach you everything we've learned about short sales, the process and your role as a homeowners during a short sales.

We believe an informed homeowner is easier to assist from the very beginning and your understanding  of the process could benefit you in making the right decisions.

"A Short Sale is the sale of real estate in which the sale proceeds is less than the balance owed on the property's loan. .. and the lender forgiving debt in order for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure"

If you or someone you care about are currently facing mortgage difficulty, please share these VIDEOS BELOW, 
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 Short Sales are difficult and a long term affair. .being surrounded by professionals should be a priority for you. ..

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