Short Sales Specialists in Montgomery County Maryland

What is a Short Sale?

Over the last several years a lot of homeowners have asked this very same question.. 
What is a Short Sale? 
Some homeowners had to. .
when they were experiencing hardships that were never imagined before
They moved on. .
Some homeowners decided a different approach,
They refuse to sell and agreed to some type of loan modification that just extended  their problem when a principal reduction was not obtained.. 
and now, they to find themselves on the same place 
No relief on sight
asking once again. .
What is a short sale?
... and how can I use it to relieve me of this burden?
The short answer is: 
A short sale in real estate is where your lender looks to cut their losses by agreeing to a reduced payoff of your loan in exchange for not having to foreclose on the property. 

During a short sale situation, the borrower is still the owner of the property. Unlike a foreclosed property where the mortgage company becomes the legal owner of the property

The final successful result for a short sale is to obtain an acceptable approval from the lenders to sell the property as the seller gets assurances for a complete removal from a deficiency judgment 

Watch the video below and learn more facts about 

My name is Fernando Herboso. It is my sincere belief that homeowners need to find an advocate to represent them.  
Someone to seek the guidance, counsel, and services to make the right decisions based on facts and not emotions.  
An advocate that is educated, a licensed distressed property expert, a real estate broker that has the experience, the knowledge and the savvy to simply get you OFF the hook! Someone that will act totally in your best interests to help you find the best solution to the financial crisis you are facing now.
I believe I am that advocate for you for many reasons. .
With my experience and as a broker certified by different organizations to do short sales, I have developed a system that helps homeowners dealing with distressed properties. 
My team of Realtors, one assistant, an attorney and several other supporting staff has developed long lasting relationships with these lenders that allow you to take advantage to short sale your property quickly and remove instantly bad mortgage debt. The strength of our experience and knowledge is invaluable to anyone seeking for a solution.

Short Sales Specialists in Montgomery County Maryland