Hud homes may not be a good investment strategy because when new investors think about buying bank foreclosures,  they think of is hud homes. Competition in this case is your enemy. . This creates a lot  more demand for these foreclosed  foreclosures among investors


The increased demand drives up the price and some novice investors tend to get wild and  buy based on emotion instead of logic because they "just want to get their first deal".

If you pay too much for a property, you will lose your shirt on the deal. That's why it important to have an experienced person at  your side. Someone that will reason with you based on hard data and not emotional aspects of the property.


Short Sales are a great way to guarantee that you won't overpay for properties. If you are wondering "what is a short sale "or are wondering what the "definition of a short sale is:


Simple,  a short Sale is when the lender accepts less than what is owed on a mortgage and allows the homeowner to sell it at market or below market value.


Pre-foreclosures and basically Short Sales and they are are extremely easy to find them right now.

There aren't enough investors out there to handle all of the deals in the Maryland market. That's why we are  on a mission to give you with all of the resources you need so you can go out there and take advantage of all the short sales and foreclosures in todays market.


Did you know that it costs a bank a minimum of $30,000 to foreclose a property?

On a short sale, they would rather take a discount on the mortgage and get that bad debt off their books so they can close their books and lend out more money.

You as an investor  are the solution for them.

We are HIGH on short sales. . .in general we are seeing the best prices out there with less competition


To get started simply go to and allow us to do the rest for you. .





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