The (forgotten)Advantages of Home Ownership

1st time
Buying a Home is at the heart of the "American Dream". . . .a gift if you live in the US!
Our Government goes out of their way to encourage you to buy a home. Having lived and visited many countries before, I can assure you that you are lucky to live in the US. 
The US Government agrees with ALL real estate professionals. . Homeownership  can bring happiness and provide a solid foundation for you and your family. It has also proven to be a wise investment in more ways than one and I would like to highlight the  following three in no particular  order to dispel the myth from a comment I heard a renter say today. . "Stick a fork to Home Ownership in America" 

Tax Breaks

Very few other investments, can generate the healthy and long lasting tax breaks that home ownership does. When you become a homeowner, there are many tax breaks that you can take advantage of as a homeowner and NOT as a renter. For example,  the mortgage interest deduction being just one of them. In addition, the deduction of your real estate tax on your federal income tax return is a common practice. Try doing this with your rental payments. . is like the landord is giving you discounted rebates as the years passed.  

With proper planning you may receive tax advantages that could last you a lifetime and be part of your retirement plans.  defines another great benefits of homeownership this way: 
 "Ease of seeking financial aid. You could use place your title deed as collateral against a loan. This may come in handy as you may need the extra cash to set-up a new business venture, develop a property or even assist you in the purchase of another house. Home owners are more likely to own more businesses as compared to those who rent."  Read the rest here



A home has always been  an investment that can, and usually does, increase in value over time. Although in the last few years in some markets, home values have been fluctuating crazily in recent years but the never let a few years challenge the overall picture that real estate has always been increasing overall compare to other forms of investments.
In addition, you can increase the equity of your home .. unlike a rental buy the use of your own hard work to make improvements that increases the value of your home. Remember, each improvement that you make will add to the overall value of your home and increase the quality of your life and your family's

Another positive benefit as the value of your home increases is a great secondary benefit. . your mortgage shrinks!
That is a good think for your bank account. .



Moving into your new home gives you a chance to meet new people, get involved in your community, participate on your local PTA to bring the quality of your schools up as well as patronizing local merchants that sahpe the economy of your local area.
This is your home. .
You are investing on your home . .on your OWN community.
So the quality of your life will be a collective action effort  from people just like you. .with the same dreams and wants. 

Try to get a bunch of renters in agreeing where to storage their trash!. . renters in general do not have a vested interest in the well being of their neighborhood.. . after all, their stay there is only temporary.

After all, is all about your roots and your legacy that you may leave to your children and grandchildren.

Buying a home may be the single, largest investment that you will make in your life. There are so many benefits, some tangible and some emotional. If you are paying rent year after year, I can assure you that you are missing out on the advantages mentioned above. 

If this is the time for you?. .
If this is the time you take that step as a first time home buyer?.. .
If this is the time you finally realize that the American Dream is for you?. .

We will welcome your consideration if you are looking to buy a home, find the latest Government assistance programs and utilize our experience to get the best results. 

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