The Art of "Low Balling"

Buying Foreclosures in Maryland DC VA

The number one mistake we see most often is  to try to bring down the price by “knocking the property".

A common mistake by rookies. .

Usually the sellers, regardless of the circumstances, they are proud of their homes and what they have done with them.

You don't want to insult them by pointing the property’s imperfections. . .they know that already.

When it comes to banks. . .they simply don't care!

Low Balling and offer will be better serve with this in mind. It pays to appeal to that emotion by

complimenting the property, rather than trying to knock it down and denigrate it.

I had a buyer's agent once said to me when he was presenting an offer for one of my listings. . “My client is making what you might consider a low offer because this basically  the worst condo  in this building.”

The only thing I could mutter was WTF? . .gently inside my brain. .

This Realtor most likely is not in business anymore.

"Low Balling" is like juggling knives. . make a mistake and your offer gets cut!

Another bad reason to " Low Balling"

Making an offer based on what your client qualifies for in a loan. .DUH?

Never mind if the property is worth it  or not!

Don’t take no chances. . when it come to low balling, we wrote the manual and it could save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS when you become our client. .

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