Bad Market?

Good Market?

(What everybody sees may not be true in the Washington Metropolitan Area)


Good Reasons Why It's the Best of Times

To Buy an Investment Property Today!


Reason #4

(OPM) Buy It with Other People's Money:



Investors keep this secret from others on the open.

It's a secret not because they are doing such a great job. .

It's a secret because most people do not understand the concept of leverage.

Leverage is one of the great secrets of creating wealth, which also applies to investing in property.

The secret is (OPM) Other People's Money.

When you purchase a property valued at $100,000, you are not paying $100,000, you are only paying a percentage.

The scenario above will most likely cost you around 20% for a down payment.

If you purchase an investment property and you create for yourself a $500 per month positive cash flow after expenses (Please refer to my previous posts to see how to do this)

You are creating an income of $6000 per month from a $20,000 investment

More importantly, you have a real estate security that you can actually touch as opposed as a Stock Certificate that may evaporate to zero just because the French cannot pay their bills!

You control your investment, you control your tenants and you control the direction of your rental.

Do you want to keep it and create a retirement income?


Do you want to sell it when you have a nice equity build-up?

There are no such guarantees in life and a rental property investment can turn bad as any other investment, but the rental property market right now has the TIMING for the odds to favor you over Wall Street.

I'm bullish in obtaining as many properties as I can in today's market for this purpose.

. .and to create a monthly income to supplement my retirement

Nothing can be sweeter than being in control of your own destiny!


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