Tips To Sell a Home:


By choosing a careful demographic selection of the most likely buyer for the house you are trying to sell, you will have the best success if you apply a Target Direct Marketing Campaign using Facebook.

While there is no magic pill to find the right buyer for your house,  with a little luck and a solid plan, you can help refine your approach and get more out of your marketing dollars.

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Defining Your Target Market

This is probably the most critical aspect and decision you must make if you want your plan to work.

What criteria should you use when defining the right buyer for your house? 

I always like using geographic, economic and social criteria to narrow down that potential buyer for the house. This is an area where marketing dollars are spent wisely and directly vs a broad push to the public, via traditional campaigns ...where 99% of them does not display any interest or have any direct appeal for the house I'm selling.

"Defining a target market can be a key to success for those who sell a property right away versus a listing that sits stale waiting for someone to finally notice it."

You can become aggressive and  do this yourself if you are selling on your own,

or find a good Realtor® that has the right marketing plan to do it for you

This is how:


Target marketing a house to sell requires planning, patience and being strategic on your approach.

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