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26 Tips You Should Know To Get Your Home Sold Fast For The Highest Amount and Less Hassle!


Because your home is more likely your largest asset, deciding to sell your home is not a decision that you should take lightly.

 Everyone wants to sell their home for top dollar,  fast and for the least amount of money.

26 Tips you should know to get your home SOLD for TOP DOLLAR @ the fastest time!

Tip #26 How to Ensure Yourself a True and Fair Appraisal of your Home

The National Association of Realtors® has reported that over 16% of all sales are cancelled because of appraisal issues.

It is hard enough these days for a buyer and seller to agree on a price to sell and buy a home. .
and to find the appraised value is not even near to the agreed upon purchase price

When this happens there are many things to blame. .
But most importantly . .
what are the viable solutions for your as a seller now?

If you are selling your home on your own . .  This is obviously not the best outcome you were looking for.. 
After all you are trying to obtain the most possible selling price for your house. .

Unfortunately the purchaser's appraiser  could derail the sale on its entirety.

What to do to protect yourself as a seller?

The first thing you should do, if you disagree with the amount is to hire an independent appraiser to challenge the lower appraisal

Unfortunately the end result  is not what you think. .
The lender putting the purchase money on the table will always choose the lowest appraisal. .

I would if I was them. .

Your independent appraiser is basically being hired to find missing  comps that could be favorably to you.

I hope you had a chance to read my earlier tip #1 where I advise you to get an appraisal "before" putting your house in the market.

Another option. .

You can cancel the sale and hope someone is willing to pay more than your house is worth. . 
(sorry, not trying to be nice here. .just real and good luck in finding that buyer)

and your final option is:

Be smart and take the deal. . your house's is only worth what the appraiser says so. . 

What if the buyer loves loves loves the house?
Then. .you should watch tip #7 about negotiations 

Watch this video where I discuss how you can protect yourself from low appraisals. . you really need to watch this!

26 Tips you should know to get your home SOLD for TOP DOLLAR @ the fastest time!

#1 Determine your home's value with your head and not your heart!

#2 You don't need a make over. .just move it over!

#3 Why are you selling?. . .a trick real estate agents use

#4 How should respond to Low Ball Offers?

#5  The DANGERS of Overpricing Your Home and How To Fix It!

#6  Make Buyers Bite with this trick!

#7 Negotiating Tips To Get More Money for Your House

#8 Should I put a lockbox on my For Sale By Owner House? 

#9 How to protect yourself from BOGUS HOME INSPECTIONS

#10 HELP: Neighbor from HELL is keeping me from selling my house

#11 Approval letters for Donald Duck the buyer

#12 Neat trick to protect your property from scammers

#13 How to hire a FREE Attorney for your sale. .

#14 What to do if the appraisal comes in low -- HELP!!!

#15 How much earnest deposit money should you ask as a FSBO?

#16 What to FIX before selling your house? 

#17 What are contingencies? and why they should matter to you..

#18 "Is that your best and final offer?

#19 De-Cluttering Your Home is a Key Step if you want to sell 

#20  Don't miss this important step before selling your home 

#21  Showcase your house. . .not your jewelry!

#22 What to do if you need to sell ASAP?

#23 Save money and do it yourself!

#24 Tips on Selling: When Your Sign Tells You Are an Amateur and Easy Prey

#25 Should You Give Your Regular eMail & Phone Number when selling? 

#26 The appraisal may kill your deal. . How To Protect Yourself

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