Top Selling Real Estate Agents in Maryland

If you are looking for the "Top Selling Real Estate Agents in Maryland"
What are the values you are seeking for?
For some, a top ranking status based on contributing numbers for a particular brokerage could be a choice
for others. .
is the volume on sales that matters the most
or experience, knowledge, sincerity could affect their choice. 
Is it the one that brands themselves in being #1? 

Walmart could be the #1 retailer in the world. .but I would not buy a white dress-shirt from them!

At the end end of the day. .
what really matters is results!
Quality as it applies to you
Results that are specific to your needs.. and customized to your reality
Your goals should be the order, 
and finding the best agent to help you fulfill it. .
Allow me to introduce my company and brokerage to you ..
A small brokerage with a gigantic attitude
As the broker for my own company and the listing specialist. .
I never ask for the listing. .
I simply ask for the opportunity to compete with others. .
a chance that will allow me to present all the reasons as to why. .
I think, I'm the most qualified real estate agent to handle the sale of your property
My first step after I set an appointment is:
This introduction Video before you allow me to come in. . 

so you can learn a little more about me. .

And that is just the start. .

As I prepared my listing presentation specifically for you. .


You will find my confidence in selling your property will be apparent immediately. . .

not because of a self perceived boastfulness.

but because of results I have achieved during my long career. .

(here's my resume . .because I want to work for you)

Do you wonder what results should you expect after meeting any real estate agent for the first time? 

The best way in my opinion. .

is to find out what others are saying. .

those that  have already experienced their services ..






The bottom line. .
Hearing from others that were in the same situation before. .
Should urge you in giving me a call. .
at least
to hear how can I specifically use my experience to help you now. .

Remember, I will not ask your for the listing. .
I just need a chance to prove my services to you. .
Give me a call. .and let's meet!

Fernando Herboso (doing what he loves. .)

Selling Real Estate in Three Languages!

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. & Body

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made,
What's a sundial in the shade?” 
~Benjamin Franklin

Top Selling Real Estate Agents in Maryland