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 Toxic Mortgages Were Like Crack Cocaine. . .

Living larger than one's efforts and abilities appeared so easy back then when the loan programs were plenty. now they are all gone and the harsh consequences of this addiction has to be face with reality .

Like crack cocaine, toxic mortgages offered an amazingly opportunity for rapid equity for millions of homeowner in the USA
It was addictive. .
Buy a house, any house and the high was money in the form of an equity or a refi that gave them instant cash. .

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Psst wanna buy some crack cocaine?         Psst wanna get some of this toxic mortgage. . cheap. .

Crack cocaine gives instant satisfaction and immediate gratification to the user
A toxic mortgage gave instant satisfaction to the home buyer . . never even dreamed of having such a home before and the gratification came months later when they were refinancing

Buying crack cocaine, its easy at first, your ability to make your first buy it is aided by the pusher. . because he knows you will be coming back for more.
A toxic mortgage incentive was the low initial rates. . the mortgage company knew you were going to refi later. . and later and later. .

it was crazy to believe the party would continue forever. . .


Crack cocaine high offers the illusion of power, mastery and euphoric control ..
A Toxic Mortgage high gave homeowners the illusion of buying power, illusion of home-ownership and immediate
gratification by moving to a new big suburban house.

Bankers, as drug dealers pushing these toxic mortgages were rewarded by the Government with bailouts if they made a promise never to do it again. .
but their victims (homeowners) were left with the consequences

The road of recovery for a crack cocaine addict and the owner of a toxic mortgage:

  • Admit it to yourself. .you are addicted to this crack. .er toxic mortgage high
  • Take a deep breath and face reality. .
  • Fire your pusher. .I mean your lender. .they are a bad influence.
  • Your credit is the only thing you have left. . .try to preserve it and avoid foreclosure.
  • Share this with your loved ones. . and promised never ever to fall down to crack cocaine / toxic mortgages ever again.
  • Start afresh because the future is bright and life begins again when you take the first step

This could help you for the road of recovery. .

If you find yourself in a situation where your mortgage is underwater and you are enduring a hardship due to a toxic mortgage. . and you have tried a loan modification that could only benefit the lender. .


This is a simple scenario of what could transpire for the next 17 years if you decided to do a short sale or just stay and wait for your home to regain its lost equity.

Reading the following could literally save you tens of thousands of dollars and help you recover from this bad decision

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