The Trump Effect on Real Estate Professionals

Carlos Herboso is one of our top producer agents for our company Maxus Realty Group,
as he was showing homes to one of his clients,

He heard it loud and clear...

"We don't want Muslims in our clubhouse, take off that robe over your head!"

We train our agents with scripts & Dialogues to use in all situations when our agents encounter objections..

I never thought of giving them a script to respond to this..

"We don't want Muslims in our clubhouse, take off that robe over your head!"

How do you respond to that?

There is a new disturbing trend we are encountering as real estate professionals.
In our business. .
Our real estate agents go through several steps before showing houses to our clients.
There is the preparation time for loan application, consultation and a complete study of the market for location and homes availability.

All of this is dependent on the client's preferences according to their needs: workplace, commuting times, school locations, neighborhood amenities, community benefits, near other family members, etc. etc

Finding the right home in the right place at the right price is the culmination of all that work..
except in this case..
someone threw out a monkey wrench into this real estate transaction.,,

Meet Carlos clients:
A Veteran with a Muslim wife "armed" with a VA loan to save money on their mortgage costs.
A Veteran who served our country. . the United States of America...
Carlos helped prepare them for their home purchase plans,
after a long process of collaboration and applications, they were finally ready to achieve the American Dream of finally owning a home.

They visited several homes during the day before arriving to a new community located of Worman's Mill in Frederick Maryland

As they entered the property, the house seemed to be exactly what the couple was looking for
It had all the features they wanted in their new home,
"Carlos, I believe this is it, let's write an offer on this one"
Said the happy couple.
Carlos wanted introduce them to all the wonderful amenities that came with the property inside this beautiful neighbor..
The pool, the party room, exercise room tennis courts...
as they made a quick visit to the clubhouse,
they heard the warning from one presumed resident of the area. .
loud and clear..

"We don't want Muslims in our clubhouse, take off that robe over your head!"

Carlos, did the right thing,
Instead of confronting the bigoted person..
he apologized to his clients for having to hear the racist comment as he summoned them and proceeded to complain to the manager inside the clubhouse

The appalled manager identified her as a "retired school teacher" and made it clear immediately, that the "teacher" was speaking for herself and not for the whole community

It is after all only my assumptive opinion that there is a new air of racism and bigotry in a lot of people today..
Only one person could be the instigator of all this,
Running a campaign based on bigotry, prosecution and separatism,
As a Hispanic citizen of this great country for over 30 years, I feel that change
As I encountered the same thing myself when I was showing homes to a dear family in an affluent neighborhood
My client's 4 year old child needed to use to the bathroom and the house I was showing them did not have running water.
Instead of going to the nearest gas station a few miles away,
I saw a neighbor outside the yard and I asked politely for permission to use their bathroom for my client's child.
"Can the little girl use the bathroom please? "
The neighbor refused, went inside and close the door.
I was livid and disappointed...
At that time, I suspected the choice of vestment from my clients was the only reason. .
but I was never sure,
it is precisely in that gray area where racism is alive and well inside the souls of a lot of people these days...
I'm concerned about my agents, and most importantly,
I'm concerned about my own family

Rep. Charlie Rangel was recently quoted as saying Donald Trump has "pulled the sheets off" a party.
It may be so, I don't know...
But, I was a registered Republican long ago...
I did not leave the party. .
The party left me
I was a proud registered Republican when Ronald Reagan said
"Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
and now they are saying..
"Let's build a "beautiful"wall"
Big difference. .

As a business owner, it is always good advice not too choose sides when it comes to politics, sports and religions
but then again,
the real estate business is very emotional
is a life event when someone chooses to buy or sell a home
We connect with our clients in many ways...
and sometimes, when that connection does not exist...
it is simply because we are not a match with them..
That is perfectly fine. .we don't refuse business to anyone based on their beliefs or opinions
but we reserve the right to refuse working with someone who imposes "loudly" bigotry as their main agenda.

If you are a racist, you may just consider staying under that not good to advertise it in the me on this.

If you are a real estate agent, as you may encounter the same situation as our agent Carlos did...
Your response should be silence..
Because there is nothing you can say to an ignorant person,
where rationale and common sense has left long ago. .
But you should report it..
Just like Carlos did.

Fernando Herboso is a Broker/Owner of Maxus Realty Group /
Clarksburg Maryland