Bad Market?

Good Market?

(What everybody sees may not be true in the Washington Metropolitan Area)


Good Reasons Why It's the Best of Times

To Buy an Investment Property Today!

Reason #5

Turmoil, Chaos, Collapse, Wall Street: The Perfect Storm To Buy Is HERE!

While Everybody Freezes . . . You Are Eating Ice Cream

Have you been considering buying investment property, but have concerns about the current market?

With a promise of a second wave of foreclosures at hand, having the federal government literally printing money to pay down our mounting national debt; plus taking in consideration that unemployment is higher than ever before (at least with this generation) and the potential of hyperinflation looming on the horizon, buying investment property has never been a better idea.

Call me crazy. .but I believe we have the perfect storm for investment properties right now!

With the current economic downturn, both interest rates and property values are lower than they have been in decades!!

Buying investment property in today's market can guarantee your retirement future.

The collapse in the real estate and lending markets has created a perfect storm for buying investment property. In my years of experience as a broker and active investor, I have never ever seen such a better time to buy rental properties for positive income flow.

I take a common sense approach to analyze the current market statistics and see it clearly on hand.

  • People need to live around their jobs to save on high priced gasoline and avoid long commutes
  • Most people earn just enough to sustain a living pay check to pay check. . .sad but true
  • Most of the jobs for this people are around where the economy is thriving
  • Most of these jobs are SERVICE ORIENTED jobs
  • The areas where these jobs are plentiful, housing is super-expensive
  • These people need to rent close by . .to easy transportation, buses, metro, etc.
  • Some of them, can only afford a basement, a dilapidated apartment building or a room to rent
  • There is a huge amount of cheap condos in these areas now because of the real estate market crash
  • Where a 3 bedroom condo can be easily rent out for $1200 to $1500 per month
  • Most of these condos at current prices can produce a positive cash flow month after month for the investor
  • A lot of families have been displaced from their homes and the rental market is BOOMING!
  • A lot people WANT TO BUY these cheap condos. . But they CAN'T GET THE FINANCING!

There are no such guarantees in life and a rental property investment can turn bad as any other investment, but the rental property market right now has the TIMING for the odds to favor you over Wall Street.

I'm bullish in obtaining as many properties as I can in today's market for this purpose.

. .and to create a monthly income to supplement my retirement

Nothing can be sweeter than being in control of your own destiny!

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Fernando Herboso is broker for Herboso & Associates LLC

A company that specializes in Distressed Properties in located in Montgomery County Maryland

Serving Montgomery, Frederick and PG Counties.