The Differences between a House and a Home. . . 

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As I reflect about the many families we have assisted in buying homes over the years. .I'm always surprised at the  evolution of a house into a dream home.
With a fairly amount of love a family converts an average house into a dream home.

Using all the space available.
There are many ways that the average home owner can revamp their home to create a custom space that is not only perfectly suited to their lifestyle, but is a conversation point for the home. Indoors are not the limiting factor here. . outdoor experience can be expanded from a simple balcony to an expansive pool back yard.

Renovating a house into a DREAM HOME
Creating an overall theme for your home can be extremely rewarding if successful and heartbreaking if it isn't. What I mean is that you should choose a "feeling" for your home. For you and all your guests. 
Are you cluttered?
That is an unintentional theme and a negative presentation of what a home should be.

One of the best ways to illustrate this in changing the "feel" of a home is to replace all the appliances and fixtures, follow by a simple coat of paint.  A simple step that could lead to the next project. . .and the next. . and the next.

Also, don't forget the exterior of any home can be given new life by some simple landscaping techniques and a few new plants to showcase your dream.
Your yard will be anyone's first impression of your home so make sure you give it the necessary attention. Tending to the gardens, lawn and driveway will add a nice scenic element to the front yard and add value to the home. Creating your perfect home is not difficult, express your creativity, improve the quality of your life  and increase your home's value at the same time!

This article was inspired by a post "Sell Your House Not Your Home"  I read from Mitchells Plain, Strandfontein and the surrounding areas in Cape Town South Africa.
I was fascinated to see that they are not much different from us when it comes to real estate.
They have Really Nice Homes in Mitchells Plain just like we do here in the Maryland area; their intention to assist their clients is proven once again that is an universal feeling that all real estate agents have when it comes to real estate.

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