Vancouver Canada's Real Estate Is Hot

The Canadian real estate market is a market for all seasons..more so in the area of Vancouver.

This coastal seaport city has the most beautiful scenery and location than many other Canadian cities

In Vancouver Canada, depending on the position of the real estate market cycle a buyer who is interested in purchasing real estate can either buy into long term growth, short term gains or sustainable income.

While the property market was somewhat slow on other areas of the country, Vancouver is riding at all time highs

Investment properties that can be purchased s in the most popular areas of Vancouver can buy into a sustainable rental income and enjoy capital appreciation on their real estate asset over the longer term.  As expected with any other market, when there is a slow down in demand for property to buy there is often an increase in demand for accommodation to rent, this means that rental rates being charged rise and an investor can achieve an impressive income at such a stage in the cycle of the property market.

Another reason that makes the Vancouver real estate market a market for all seasons is the fact that there is a constant supply of 'new money' in the property market because of its popularity in Canada.
As of 2011, Vancouver is the most densely populated city.
Also, Vancouver has been ranked as one of the most "livable" cities in the world!
Annually Vancouver welcomes thousands of new residents and these people bring fresh money and demand to the real estate market which means that there is always an inward flow of foreign sourced investment to boost the property market.

Any market where there is and will remain constant local demand for real estate to rent or buy, and where there is a constant annual inward flow of foreign sourced income to boost the entire real estate sector is a healthy market

Consider the beauty and the opportunity to live in possible one of the most beautiful cities in the world

A Sample of some listings in one of Vancouver's affluent neighborhoods: