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How to Sell Your House Fast , For Cash and AS IS 

You may be faced with the case where you have to sell your home right away. 
You don't the time to fix it, stage it, hire a real estate company, put in the market for weeks (maybe even months), wait for offers and take another 30 to 45 days to settle 
During that time,
The buyer may lose his/her job
The appraisal may not come in at the sales price
The home inspection may discover major issues with your house
You may have to fire your Real Estate Agent and hire a new to start all over again. .

What happens if your situation may be due to bankruptcy or an awaiting foreclosure, a divorce, or simply you are ready to move on and don't feel to bother with the preparations and ordeal to sell a house. .
So, how do you make sure that you get the best deal and the top price at such times? 

"You need to sell your home fast . .for cash and AS IS to solve your problem"

As an experienced Realtor/Broker my advice is that you can still assure yourself to a much higher. . price fast and for cash by just prepaying your house and offer it to local investors.

You can consider the following points.

BE PREPARED: You must be mentally prepared to sell your property. Even more so when this needs to happen right away, especially if you have been living in your house for a number of years. Get ready to move FAST if you want to sell it FAST

FIX UP: Look at your house from an objective standpoint and remove any flaws that you could easily do yourself easily. In some cases, just getting rid of bulky  items around may make your house more valuable to an investor.
Give old furniture away, donates it, sell it on a yard sale. . if you don't use it. .lose it!
Declutter your property, before showing it to potential Investors to get more money..  and this will help you to sell the home more quickly.

PRICE IT RIGHT: The price is the most deciding factor while selling a property quickly. Specially to investors. They are buyers because that is what they do for a living. .buy low, take their time, risk their money and hoping to sell it for more later. You have to be fair and allowed a profit margin for them.

SET YOU EXPECTATIONS: You must understand this, If you want to net most money to sell your house, you need time and money. But if you want to take the easy road to just pick up what you need, leave the trash behind and sell it AS IS for cash in a matter of just a few days. .then you need to set your own expectation as far as the price you are cooking to get. 

Decide, set up the amount you will accept in the price and move on!

Having a plan in place will help by following these points and put you  on the right path to selling your property in Washington DC quickly and getting the right price for it. 

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