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Shadow inventory and REO properties are still playing a dominant role in today’s mortgage market and slowing the pace of economic recovery, we may be protected by the strong economic market in the Washington Metropolitan area but. . a real real estate upward change will not start until the rest of the country begins their recovery period.

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Top Five Highest Priced Foreclosures In The Washington DC area
Today's luxury real estate market offers home buyers an historic opportunity. This is the time to move-up. This is the time to buy that dream home you always dreamed about.. .
However, it is not for the faint of heart.
Distressed luxury sales are often challenging but can be very rewarding financially for the purchaser. can  provide you with powerful search tools, custom services and profesional support to help you find the best deals possible..
Check the FIVE TOP FORECLOSURES in our area

"You don't have easy choices when your home is underwater and you have a financial hardship"
Make it count .
You need to find all your options to make the right decision when you are facing a possible foreclosure.
I can offer you my undivided attention to help you see trough these options. . something that will help you MORE that will help yoru lender.
After all, its your life and the future quality of it.
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Ill be glad to help . .
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Our real estate knowledge is always up-to-date. For expertise you can depend on, call on us when you have questions about the market or are ready to make a significant move. . .Quality representation is not expensive, its priceless!

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