Are Banks Paying Homeowners To SHORT SELL THEIR PROPERTIES?

Compelling video huh?
When you consider that she sold her home for $60,000 
She got more than one third of the Bank's net at closing!!!!
When a foreclosure comes knocking at your door. .
You can’t ignore it.
Before you start down this dark track, have you tried approaching your Lender? They  probably has no idea that you may be on the path of hardship unable to pay your mortgage payments and/or if you are scrapping for your mortgage payments every month.. worse yet is that you have missed paying them for several months and you and your family already have a foot out the door.
Bank of America has a history of taking homes into foreclosure when you least expect it . . . you need to communicate with them at the moment you are in trouble. 
Bank of America in most cases would only be a servicer of your loan, someone else is the owner of your loan. If there is a way for your investor to work out a deal with you, he may be glad of the opportunity.. . Bank of America could help you facilitate it.

As part of its efforts to reduce the number of foreclosures on its books, Bank of America has  announced earlier this year  that it is offering relocation payments of up to $30,000 to delinquent homeowners to induce them to agree to a short sale.

Why are banks increasingly willing to embrace short sales as a cheaper alternative to foreclosure?
Simple: Because they lose LESS MONEY!
So, if you are procrastinating, not knowing what to do?
And you are tired living with the uncertainty if you have a place to live tomorrow. . 
Take control of your financial life. .and consult with an experienced Short Sales Specialist to take your next step
(The lady on the video did just that. . . .you will not hear/read or view another testimony as compelling as that.)
Fernando Herboso is a Short Sale Specialist in Maryland DC and Virginia 
for Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase Short Sales.

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