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Our buyer agents who are involved in assisting you in buying a home are very aware of the process of transferring ownership of properties and how important that is to all the participants. Expect every step of the process to be recorded and formalized through the use of various real estate forms culminating in the "closing" that is often staged at a local Settlement Company.

From all the forms and documents that a seller and a buyer must agree and sign, nothing will give them greater joy than the much anticipated "offer to purchase real estate contract". Once home sellers receive an "offer to purchase" and agree to the terms, the property buyer and the seller become involved in a promise that will ultimately lead to the transfer of the property.

Buying  LUXURY HOMES requires extreme care and confidentiality for our clients. .

Our agents are trained in making sure your goals are met to help you find that dream home you are looking for. .

Some our past clients are famous personalities that are still enjoying the anonymity that we promised them at the beginning. 

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