When Bad Neighbors Hurt Your Home's Sale

This post was inspired while  speaking to a potential seller who stated .. .
"We are considering selling and getting away from here because of a bad neighbor"
After more than 20 years in real estate, this was not a surprise for me, but I reflected on this particular homeowner. ..
What an awful position to be in. .
You are moving your whole family, selling your home . .just because a neighbor?
As you know, pricing and condition are key factors in selling any  home, but there’s one  factor that could influence a buyer’s decision and trump all others. .
Your neighbors!
When buyers come looking to your home for sale, 
They are not just looking at your home but the whole neighborhood has as well. .
Then how do you sell a home when bad neighbors create a bad impression when selling your home? 
This is the time where homeowners appreciate HOA's 
If you have an HOA, you may want to enlist and tackle the problem with their help. .remain anonymous if possible
There are also  likely ordinances in place from city ordinances  that require lawns to be reasonably maintained, failure to do so can result in fines, which is usually enough to persuade some homeowner to take better care of the property.
Dealing with bad neighbors can be annoying, but it could cost you money if you are selling your home
A tactful plan of attack using a good listing agent is very important here
Because of a bad neighbor, you should not have to sacrifice the value of your home. 
Watch the video for more tips and focus on successfully selling your home with the right person representing you.

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