Buying foreclosed homes can be a great investment option for you as a homeowner or investor. Purchasing foreclosed homes or pre-foreclosure properties can be a great experience if you give enough time to educate yourself on the complexities of buying foreclosure homes or properties. Home buyers looking for foreclosed homes, always tend to just look at the asking price of the property when . . . buying foreclosures is much more than that!

Foreclosure as the name suggests means a situation in which a homeowner or a mortgager was unable to make payments of principal and/or interest payments on his or her mortgage, so in this case the lender, will repossess and sell the property as per the conditions in the terms of the mortgage contract.. .yes. . Just like when buying a car. .you don't pay.. .you don't stay




The first stage of a foreclosed home is pre-foreclosure that happens when the home owner has missed his/her one payment and is thus considered overdue on the loan. In some cases this could be a good opportunity for you to purchase a home at a great value. A pre-foreclosure could be purchasing a home as a short sale.

Also for home buyers, the main advantage behind buying a foreclosed home or real estate is financial savings. Buying a foreclosed home in today's market will be much cheaper than under normal sale conditions. Buying the foreclosed or pre-foreclosed property by paying less will allow the home buyers to do some improvements in the new property that will just further enhance their investment.


Along with advantages, there are also some disadvantages in buying a foreclosed home or property. For home buyers, the condition of the interior of the home usually remains undiscovered. This is when you should rely on a real estate agent that specializes in foreclosures.

Foreclosures are on the rise and many people are unable to retain their homes any more. They are anxious to sell their homes quickly before they are foreclosed on. . .this is when it pays to know a short sale expert to help you find the right investment.

In today's fast paced lifestyle, many people are lagging behind on payments. Plenty of people are facing financial problems. So, if you are encountering foreclosure or a pre-foreclosure, trying to relocate or transfer job, divorce, multiple mortgage, or just need to sell your house fast, there are many home buyers who will simply solve your real estate issues or your foreclosure problems. The first thing a real estate professional should do is to evaluate the specific needs of the client to give them the very best advice. .

Fernando Herboso is a licensed broker/owner for Herboso & Associates in MD, DC and Virginia

Fernando Herboso