There are two types or Realtors out there. .

One will take your order and open doors for you

and the other one. .

Will consult with you and guide you trough the process with care.

I've seen too many Realtors fall for an order-taking approach instead of assuming the role of a Consultant

There are two reasons for this:

The first reason is that many professionals began their careers in order-taking positions. like working at a fast food restaurant. They were given assignments that they carry out without asserting their own creativity or critical thinking.

And order taker is just that. . to take an order and fulfill it.

The second reason is theses tough economic times. The average Realtor only makes 5 sales per year. . .ONLY FIVE!

As a trainer for Realtors I always pointed out  that in the process of being a Realtor Consultant, order-taking mentality can not became their  mindset. You can not maintain this career-stifling mindset now that they  have become a Realtor.

We are proud of our services.

We set our own standards to help you obtain your goals

We Inform all our  prospects of our procedures and ask them to follow them . .if they want to work with us

These are our  Standards


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