When you Should Not Buy a Short Sale?

Maybe a short sale may not be good for you. . 

For buyers of a short sale listing, a lot of patience is required in addition to an appreciation that the home will be selling as is where it is. .
This is always the case as the sellers not only do not have the funds to continue paying their mortgage. .
but also they do not have enough money to do repairs.

The big advantage is that a buyer will get a home at a reasonable price
. within market value. . or sometimes even lower

A short sale can be a great deal for all involved, as the seller gets out from under their obligation with minimum liability, the buyers get a home in good condition at a discounted price and the banks do not have to worry about having the non performing assets on their books as an REO

Short sales transactions are not that difficult. . they just take time. 

If time is not your friend. . then a short sale is not for you!

Watch this video where I discuss these reasons and more. .




If you’re thinking about homeownership, ask yourself some basic questions and get informed as much as possible about the home-buying process. It will be easier for your real estate agent to help you find the dream home you are looking for. . 

When a short sale is not a good idea. .

Buying a Home is Like Dancing

(You Can't Do it By Yourself!)  



When you should not buy a short sale