Why Are Appraisals like insurance?

Why is an appraisal like insurance for the buyer?

Why is an Appraisal an Insurance For Homebuyers?

An appraisal is a formal valuation by a licensed appraiser. It is a subjective opinion of a real property's value.

Appraisers are highly skilled professionals , with lots of experience. Besides single-family homes, some appraisers specialize in other areas as well. .
such as acreage, estate homes, commercial/industrial property, apartment rentals. .etc

For FHA loans. .
The appraiser must be experienced in the FHA loan procedures and requirements. Appraisals after all. .
They are required as part of the underwriting process for mortgage lenders when they are financing a home which a buyer may be purchasing.

I invite you to watch this video and see why an appraisal is like insurance for buyers



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Why Are Appraisals like insurance?