Understand that the LISTING PRICE and the SELLING PRICE are two different things.

Although there are many other aspects and conditions that affect the sale of a home. The price is the pivot that directs it to the SOLD group or to the STALE group.

If your house is not selling, you need to discuss and analyze with your agent the position of your house among  the competition. . 

How does your home stack up?

The video below will open up several options for you and my hope is that your will quickly recognize the mistakes that will enlighten you into taking the proper direct steps and getting your house sold.



Pricing is critical in this market and so is condition.

You have to match the two in a very balanced way...

I invite you to visit out HOME NOT SELLING FORUM to find the answers you may be looking for.. .

and if your house sale has currently expired, don't make these 5 MISTAKES . .



Fernando Herboso

Broker of Maxus Realty Group
Listing Specialist