short salesLets Begin. . .


What is a short sale?

What is the difference between a short sale and a foreclosure?

How can I qualify for a Short Sale?

How a Short Sale affects your credit?

How long does a short sale takes?

What if my home has already a foreclosure notice. .can I still qualify for a short sale?

Can you do a short sale without selling your home?

I'm NOT behind on my payments, can I still do a Short Sale?

Can I file for Bankruptcy and still do a short sale?

How Much a Short Sale Costs Me?

I have a second mortgage, can I still do a short sale?

What about taxes on a short sale?

Who Pays The Closing Costs in a Short Sale?

OK,  what is my first step to do a short sale?

What is HAFA , the new Government Program for Short Sales?

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