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Love it or Leave it Guarantee .-
At Maxus Realty Group aka www.ReallyNiceHomes.com, we understand that it is common to feel a little nervous about purchasing your new home.
What’s not to be nervous about? specially if you are a first time home buyer.
Buying a home is one of the most significant financial investments you most likely ever make. That is why we've created our 12-Month Love it or Leave it Guarantee that gives our buyers complete peace of mind when purchasing a homes with us.
Our Love it or Leave it Guarantee states that if you buy a home with one of our agents and for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with that home in the first 12 months, we will sell it for free!
Free Home Warranty .-
Buying a home can sometimes requires more money than anticipated. As you settle into your new home, expenditures could add up quickly if something breaks.
A home warranty is peace of mind for you. Specially for the first year. By working with one of our agents we make sure you are cover for any replacement costs or mechanical defects for any appliance, HVAC System and water heater failure in your new home.
If a covered item in your home fails during the first year, you simply call a toll-free number and the warranty company will send out a specialist to repair or replace the defective item. 
Our Free Home Warranty for home buyers  could save you thousands of dollars in your first year as a homeowner .
We want you to have peace of mind even after you purchased your home.
Access to our "Exclusive Desperate Sellers HOT LIST"  .-
In today’s Real Estate market opportunity and timing is everything. If you are looking to buy your new home at a discount, our "Desperate Sellers HOT LIST is all your need.
With all the foreclosures, HUD Properties, Auction Houses, REO's Recently Reduced listings  and short sales available, there are  many great buys out there if you are the first one to put an offer.
We can help you beat other home buyers to the hottest new homes for sale anywhere in the areas of Maryland, DC or Virginia.
We rank on first page of Google for desperate sellers looking to sell their properties fast or for cash in Maryland. We can arrange a mutual win-win situation for you if you are interested in participating in this program. This program is ONLY EXCLUSIVELY for our buyer clients, I can assure you that no other Real Estate Company in the whole state of Maryland is in position or has access to distressed sellers like we do.
Check how these distressed sellers want us to buy their homes because of divorce, lost job, deportation, bankruptcy, inheritance and tired landlords with bad tenants, they all find us by searching the Internet. JUST LIKE THIS
Backstage Pass To The MLS .-
Our exclusive Listingbook program for all our buyers allows you to search just like an agent by providing you access to Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data, public records, recent and past sales, community and school information, taxes, loan calculator, shopping and recreation, and much more.
Have you even search the big real estate websites and find that perfect home. . to find out later that house was SOLD 6 months, ago.
This is why our buyers prefer Listingbook over any other online search. You are getting up to the minute accurate data that also connects you to your agent for immediate communication and action.
Your dream home is just a click away with our free program available to all our buyer clients.
We connect you to the most timely and accurate local real estate data in the state in a local basis.


First a disclaimer, this is not a free mortgage program.. understanding that your home interest payments are always paid on arrears, meaning that your first payment can be part of your closing costs as you are paying ahead of time.
This is when we can help you control your next payment by timing your closing at an appropriate time, working closely  with the loan officer and the attorney conducting the closing. We want the best terms possible for you  and the possibility not having to pay a mortgage for the first 60 days is one of them.
As you settle into your new home, with recent expenditures, skipping one month of payments could help you tremendously in the first 60 days. 
Risking Two Mortgage Payments? ..NOT IF YOU WORK WITH US!
Should you sell your house before you buy a new one?
The answer to this question is "depends on the current market"
Many sellers get caught up in the middle of two house transactions and they get stuck with two mortgage payments because they failed to plan properly.
Our Guaranteed Sale & Buy stops this problem for you.
If we don't sell your house  before you settle on your new home, we will make your mortgage payments until is SOLD! 
As simple as it gets, 
When you work with us on the buy and the sell of your property, we feel so confident in our experience and knowledge of the local make that;  we can make you this promise guarantee to you.
Working with us on both ends?
You will not get stuck paying two mortgages.
Call us for more details.
Cancel our Agreement at Any Time .-
Did you know that Realtors® work within a legal relationship called agency. The agency relationship exists between you and the brokerage where your agent is affiliated. It is an agreement that Realtors® use to secure a principal...you are the principal in this case: The client. 
The essence of the agency relationship is that the brokerage has the authority to represent the principal trough a real estate agent in dealings with others. As the Realtor® is assured they will get paid a commission at the end of the transaction if you buy.
What happens when you feel that your Realtor® is not the right person for you, or you discover that his services are sub-par to your expectations. You should have the right to fire your Realtor® because that Realtor® is working for you!
You will never feel obligated when you work with one of our agents. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel our agreement at any time provided that there is no ratified contract with a third party.
 New Construction Guarantee - Discounted Amenities 
This is where we excel in new construction,
We protect our clients best interest, specially when we are dealing with new construction.
The areas that are concern for our clients and we watch over them
  • Hidden Defects
  • Limited Warranties
  • Missing Items
  • Pricey Upgrades
  • Top Dollar Paid
  • Stuck with Unwanted Lots
  • House Built with Surplus Materials

Don't make any assumptions of savings on your own if you are ready to buy  a new home.

Buying a new home could  be more expensive for you if you are unrepresented and all alone.

Most builders have instructions to sales reps to sell unwanted lots first, and give a final price for the home and amenities...ONLY  AFTER they check all your finances and savings on hand..with the simple pretext that they want to offer you a better loan and encourage you to apply for... your application becomes an open book of your finances.. .and they know how much you can afford to pay!

"Is like opening your wallet and saying...take what you need, I want to buy this house."

One simple extra amenities negotiated by one of our experts could save you over $10,000 in one single stroke of your signature under our guidance.


Just know that we are members for the same community you want to live in. .

Our agents work here, live here and have children attending local schools.
Our agents belong to their local PTA's 
Our agents know the next big project being built that will affect real estate prices
Our agents know about local "Government Incentives" to help home-buyers
Our agents know exactly where are the over-priced houses in our neighborhoods
Our agents know a good deal when they see it
Our agents know how to negotiate to maximize your buying power
Our agents know what house is going to be foreclosed soon in the neighborhood
Our agents are real people just like you, with a desire to help guide you trough your choices and making sure your family is safe and secure. 

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