First Time Home Buyer's Secrets

First Time Home Buyers

Steps what you must take when buying your first home....

Realizing the benefits of Home Ownership

Renting is normal and it fits some lifestyles. .
I'm sure you are tired of hearing the same messages over and over again. .

               don't rent
As I  respect your decision whether to rent or buy. .
I presume the reason why you are here because 
becoming a homeowner is important to you.
You've come to right place then
These are the steps I would take if I was buying a home for the first time

STEP #1 (DO THIS TO SAVE $$$$$) 

Determining if home ownership  is what you are really after.
Renting in some cases may be  better for you.
If you are planning to move within 2 years, perhaps buying a home is not a good idea
If you are required to put a sizable amount for down payment to ignore credit problems. .home ownership may not be a good idea. .prefer to repair and fix issues on your credit first.

The question to ask yourself  is what are your long-term goals are and then how home ownership fits in with those plans. 

Don't  buy just because your friend are telling you that you are wasting your money if you are renting. .
Or you see home ownership as a sign of their independence and enjoy the idea of proving someone you care for that you can be a homeowner as well. 

Narrowing down the real reasons why you would like to be a homeowner will help the person or person you elect to help you down this path

As soon as you pick an specialist that understand the reasons and has a complete understanding of your financial and credit situation, . .only then you can go on to the next step

STEP #12  (FIND THIS TO SAVE $$$$$) 

Stop, your job is done!
Once that you've chosen someone that you can trust on their abilities to help you..
The hardest part is done. .
As soon as you find a Realtor® you can trust with their experience for your dreams and goals
You can relax and trust their advice because they are there to help you.

Watch Two Steps To Save Thousands of Dollars When Buying Your First Home 

What to ask to a Realtor® interviewing for the right to represent you buying your first home?

What are the qualification for a CDA program?
Where can I get Down Payment Assistance as first time home buyer?
How many first time home buyers have you helped on the past 
Can I have their names and numbers for references? 

Once you are together with a professional representing you as a  buyer for your first home. .
You will be discussing things like. .

Is this a good time to buy a house?

How is the Real Estate Market?

What should I buy?

Where should I buy it?

Are interest rates low?

Only then, if you are still want to go forward you will get help to get Pre-Approved 
A Sample of programs you should consider if you are a first time home buyer
Each of these programs could save thousands of dollars when buying your first home
  • CDA
  • Fannie Mae NO PMI Program
  • USDA Zero Down Loan Program
  • Good Neighbor Next Door Program
  • Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Program
  • Down Payment Assistance and Grant Programs
  • HUD Home Loan Program
  • Streamline 203k Renovation Loan Programs
  • VA or Veteran Loan Plus Program

Special Programs also should be noted as "extras" as your Realtor® evaluates your case. 

Are you a:
Police Officer?
Healthcare Professional?
in the Military?
Is this the perfect time for you to buy?
The answer to this is dependent on your particular siuation
Not two cases are the same. .
renters vs buyers
As you can see since 1993 first time home buyer represent an average of  40% of all sales. .
The percentages  may not be changing.. 
But the population is . .
Because of that homeownership in the US is declining because of affordability. .
And this is why is important that you are being counseled by a professional that knows the best and fastest route to home ownership for you.

Watch Ten Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make When Buying a Home 

If you are ready to buy now or you are just in the beginning stages considering  the possibility of purchasing a home..
We won't fail you!
We invite you to call us and set an appointment to discuss your particular situation. 

Our Promise: 

We've been preparing for your call. . . for a long time.

As your professional  Real Estate Agent, you can count on us to: 
  • Plug in our extensive research and experience to your own needs
  • To be in communication, share our knowledge and training, listen- so we fulfill on your needs,
  • To give you access to ALL the properties that you qualified for and more
  • To work in your best interest and most importantly do what we say we will do
  • To do all of this at no charge because sellers pay on your behalf

No matter what your time frame is, we will help you on the loop and create a  plan to buy a home, 
We will do the research, remind you when you need to act and maintain communications with you until the day comes. ..
When you are ready. .
To realize your goal of finally becoming  a homeowner

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