Four Types of Buyers That Will Buy Your Home in Today’s Market…Maryland Real Estate FSBO GUIDE

To help you differentiate the different types of buyers so you can objectively evaluate proposals from them, we broke all buyers in three qualified groups.

If you goal is is to obtain top dollar for your house  with the best terms from the best buyer in the current market conditions…

You need to be aware at these 4 types of buyers out there.

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The many  steps involved in the home-selling process are very similar to those involved in the home-buying process. When you have made the decision to sell your home, you will need to establish a strong marketing campaign to attract the right buyers.

While a small percentage of  sellers successfully sell their homes on their own, a for-sale-by-owner arrangement can be complicated tedious and will require a great deal more of your personal time throughout the process. 

Times have changed, 

It is not enough to just stick a sign on the ground, a few ads and hope to find a buyer willing to pay you top price for your property.

For this reason, most people consider hiring a real estate agent that devotes 100% of their time looking for buyers for their clients.

Don’t make the mistake in trying to save a commission on one end…and losing 4 to 5 times more  under-selling your property.

“The commission paid to a real estate professional is well worth the investment to assure yourself of 100% coverage of the marketing necessary to get top dollar for your home”

plus the convenience, time savings and overall guidance provided by a professional is well worth the money invested.

If you would like to contact Fernando to discuss how to market your home using the best technological tools available out there…please call 301-246-0001

 The Four Types of Buyers That Will Buy Your Home in Today’s Market…

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