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Get Rid of Pet Smell Before You Sell

This is an ongoing problem I see very often when I’m on listing appointments

Our olfactory systems tend to get used to different smells inside our houses [insert your own joke here] and some sellers are not aware that their homes smell really,really bad. .When I list a property, I have to be brutally honest or else…My client will be wondering: Why is my house not selling? Some of the tips I like to give, if you have a home to sell and own a pet as well is:Stock up on baking soda, it is an amazing product after all, cheap and effective. Another great tip is to use a neutralizing odor remover to eliminate the odor, follow the instructions and have plenty of it in stock.. specially if you are preparing your home to sell. Pet urine will flow below a carpet and go way deep underneath the pad below. . in some cases it is better to go ahead and replace the whole padding and the carpet. If your “macho” chihuahua loves to “mark” his territory on your walls and furniture… .painting will do the trick. Also using a wet vac is a good way to tackle a recent “accident” after treating it with an odor neutralizer.  Watch the video below for even more tips

Selling a home is a big challenge to undertake
If you are looking for the highest net possible. 
My recommendation is to find a good agent that understands the problems and has the solutions to help you prepare your home to sell.

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Sellers tips for homeowners

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