The Role of Your Real Estate Agent and Legal Real Estate Contracts Is One of the Reasons to

Our buyer agents who are involved in assisting you in buying a home are very aware of the process of transferring ownership of properties and how important that is to all the participants. Expect every step of the process to be recorded and formalized through the use of various real estate forms culminating in the “closing” that is often staged at a local Settlement Company.

From all the forms and documents that a seller and a buyer must agree and sign, nothing will give them greater joy than the much anticipated “offer to purchase real estate contract”. Once home sellers receive an “offer to purchase” and agree to the terms, the property buyer and the seller become involved in a promise that will ultimately lead to the transfer of the property.

The offer to purchase real estate contract form is very important, not just because it could signify the start of the sale of the property, but also because this piece of paper will have a marked effect on the lifestyle of the new buyer and the seller. The offer to purchase will indicate the price which the buyer is willing to pay for the property, the conditions of the contract and will also outline how the money will be paid. This includes the proposed down payment, type of loan to be obtained and conditions of the contract.

As real estate agents we are well versed in presenting the right UPDATED
REAL ESTATE FORMS that must be signed between a property buyer and a property seller.

Homes For SaleThe ready to use offer to purchase forms are only as good its users understanding and guidance. Under no circumstance a real estate agent, broker o facilitator in the sale of a property can change the verbiage or “scratch” conditions already outlined based on local ordinances and laws. Any change to a contract that changes its integrity must be done under the supervision of an attorney to protect all parties involved.

Our agents are trained in making sure not to step over the line when it comes to contracts. We utilizeVillage Settlements in Gaithersburg Maryland as our choice of professionals that help us complete our sales. When there is a change that could jeopardize the integrity of the contract and the sale of a property, we have at our disposal attorneys like Michael C Hollman to help us bring an acceptable contract that could enforce any agreed upon changes protecting all parties.

We now invite you to see an actual settlement conducted by the principal attorney James E. Savitz in Villages Settlements Gaithersburg

Incidentally, most of our closings take place with Village Settlements unless the principal (Property Buyer or Property Seller ) elect their own company and attorney based on their own rights outlined by law.

Herboso & Associates is proud to be associated with Village Settlements and their help just enhances the quality of services we provide for all our clients.

Here are Twenty Great Reasons why Village Settlements, Inc. should conduct your real estate settlement…

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As soon as you call Fernando Herboso, broker of Herboso & Associates LLC and you are considering selling your property. . This will be our introduction video to bring you just a hint of the quality of our services. .

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