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When you absolutely need to sell your house for the most money at the timing that fits your needs...read on

I had a choice to make. Here I was contemplating at this company, that after paying a nominal fee, I could write a couple paragraphs and become an instant author!. . .  This is a deceiving tactic that a lot of people use these days  claiming to have written "BEST SELLERS", when in reality, it only cost them a couple thousands dollars and a couple hours to write a few paragraphs.

That did not feel right personally. I had to do better. I wanted to write a book with my own content under my own creativity and my effort.

This is why I'm very excited to share with you this SNEAK PEEK of my new book to be published sometime in 2016

Although, I don't have the exact official book release date, I can not stop thinking about how this is finally coming to a realty, after many years of planning and talking about it, I have  to give a huge shout out to my son Eric Herboso who urged me to complete this book. He has offered his help in bringing it to reality..

My job in the next  few months is to provide all the content using YouTube videos about the specific chapters of my book, as they are being transcribed to text version one video at a time.

Here's what I hope the reader will take away from reading my new book once is published:

I'm sharing my experiences of selling homes by providing unique marketing techniques and strategies that will help Real Estate Agents and/or  any homeowner who ventures in selling their home on their own..

These are specific proven marketing techniques that can assure you the best chance to sell any home at the best price...and the timing to fit the seller's needs.

For now, I invite you to explore the extensive library of videos already completed that will soon become the chapters on my book... . 


Home Selling Tips: "The Video Series" 


Homes For Sale

Selling Tips To Help You Sell a Home - Why Pictures Are So Important

With more and more buyers turning to the internet to shop for a home these days, it’s important to make good impressions by  having good photos when listing your home - Don't Make These Mistakes!





Neighbor letter

Selling Tips To Sell a Home : "The Neighbor Letter" Strategy


This has been a very successful technique for the very few sellers and listing agents who use it. I’ve found many times that the buyer of a home is just a few yards away....One letter and you're covered.




Homes For Sale fro renters

Secrets of Marketing Homes to Renters : Tips To Sell A Home



This section describes unique ways to market your house to where the pool of buyers are congregate in one single place...Apartment Buildings nearby





Pricing Your House

Marketing Secrets to Price a Home To Sell : Be Precise, Concise to Entice With Your Price


There is a silent rule in the real estate world. There are contenders and there are pretenders. The pricing of your house reveals a lot about your selling offer in more ways than you can image. Don't be a weak seller





Home Selling Tips: To Stage or Not Stage?


You may think you know the answer to this one. .after all... it is the latest craze among listing agents, obligating sellers to spend thousands of dollars with the illusion of higher returns. . Is it really a good idea?




Home not selling what to do

Home Not Selling? -- What Are Your Options? FORUM


Finding the reasons why some homes do not sell is not very hard...what is difficult is understanding what steps to take in case you fall into this unfortunate category. The "EXPIRED" List




Meeting Real Estate Agents

Tips To Sell A Home: Demand Your Agent To Tell You The True!



Unfortunately, the real estate agent industry is saddled with a poor reputation, Some agents lie all the time. . .not on purpose, but because some agents don't know the difference between truth and lies.





Pets when selling a home

Tips To Help Sell a Home : Get Rid Of Pet Smell Before You Sell


After all , they are man's best friends. .right?

NOT if you are selling your home! 

Your pet can create havoc to the sale of your house..Let's get prepared with these tips.





selling homes to women

Selling Tips To Help Sell a Home : Appeal To Women First


When it comes to making home-buying decisions, there are several significant differences between men and women. Understanding this concept will give you an advantage when selling your home.





Selling homes with renters inside

Selling a Home With Tenants: How To Sell a Rented House



The effort to sell a home can be complicated by the presence of a renter(s) making a mistake here could be costly. Checking your local rules and understanding them is important..then do this. . .





How Much Realtors Cost

Are Realtors Worth the Money? How Much Should They Cost You?


If you are contemplating selling your home in the near future, this question is paramount for you. How much should you pay to sell your house? The answer may surprise you. . .






Ads in Facebook to sell a home



Consider using Facebook to help get the word out about your home. We have our best return on investment from Facebook ads directed to the most appropriate group that may consider buying it. ..





Motivated Buyers for your home

How To Find Desperate Motivated Buyers to Sell Your House




After many years of finding buyers for all my listings, I have a few tips and tricks to help you find a very motivated buyer for your house...this is one of my favorites and very easy to follow...






open houses

Tips To Sell a Home: How To Use Open Houses To Sell Your Home


Open houses can help you sell a house, but only when you follow these rules. Don't make the mistake of allowing Real Estate Agents use your house as a prop.






Using Videos to Sell a Home

Selling Tips to Sell a House : Using Videos


With more and more buyers turning to the Internet to shop for a home these days, using videos are very significant and important to find buyer for your house. This is how I use my videos to attract. . .






top dollar for a home

5 Marketing Secrets To Get You TOP DOLLAR When Selling a House



Here I give you what I believe to be the "Top Five Marketing Secrets To Sell Your House for the Most Money" Surprisingly, I know many real estate agents are unaware of these secrets...not anymore.





hiring an agent

Home Selling Tips: How To Hire The Right Agent To Sell Your Home


By process of elimination, someone has hired the worst possible real estate agent to sell their home. This will prevent you form doing this. more and more buyers turning to the internet to shop for a home these days, it’s important to make good impressions by having good photos when listing your home





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Real Estate Guide To Commissions : How Much Should You Pay?


Real Estate Broker's commission rates are not regulated in the US and are ALWAYS 100% negotiable.


When you decide to sell your house, if you are like most people, you will want to hire one - for the least amount of money.. .but is that really good for your equity? 




Selling Homes Fast

Selling Your Home FAST: Advice to Homeowners



One of the most challenging decisions  homeowners  make is about selling her house. This is compounded when you absolutely HAS TO SELL and Sell it FAST. DO not fall prey to these individuals... 






Point Of Sale in Homes

The Point Of Sale is Key To Sell Your Home For The right Price and Timing


The moment when a buyer decides to buy your house is a defining moment for you as a seller. We analyzes and study cases to emulate that point of sale. Understanding this and your home is 1/2 sold already.







Selling Tips To Help You Sell a Home - The Negotiating " Trap" WIN- WIN? 


Using outdated methods to negotiate a sales contract to sell your house could cost you several thousands of dollars. I do not impose my moral beliefs on my clients to be fair to the other side...as long as I'm ethically correct and within the law... my job is to make the buyer pay as much as possible for the house I'm representing . .







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