House Not Selling Options

Trying to sell your home alone is only setting yourself up for failure...
If you knew there was an investment with a 91% chance you would lose your money, and and if you didn't lose your money, it only gave you a 9% return, would you make that investment?  I hope you answered 'no"
Now don't get me wrong, agents aren't bad people.  They are human just like you and I. Humans make mistakes.  Especially when humans aren't trained on how to avoid mistakes.
You see, just because a person graduates from real estate school, doesn't mean they can sell your house.  Just like, (just) because a lawyer passes the bar, doesn't mean he's qualified to defend your life on trial.
Selling your home is one of, if not THE, biggest sale you will ever make in your life. Just like when you bought the home, it was most likely your largest purchase.  
I sincerely feel for you and I know my industry has failed you when someone you know and trust, has let you down.
What are your options now?
Try to sell it yourself? Not when you are are already aware that you have less than 9% chance that you would be successful. .
Look, if you were in the market for the last 4 months with your last agent and you are now attempting the impossible to sell it on your own. . for how long?...two months? 
That is a total of 6 months, with an average mortgage payment of $2000.00, you just blew by $12,000 of your equity. . and your house still NOT SOLD!
What if your mortgage payment is $3000 per month?
$18,000 gone!
Back to square one.
Then, you may consider just renting it out. .
To whom? 
To someone that you find on Craigslist and trust a stranger to take care of your house? . .  and make timely payment every single month?
Unless you are prepared to wake up at 3:00 AM with a screaming tenant on the other side of the phone.
Don't do it!
Unless you are prepared to be a landlord and have other properties or a management company handling your affairs... trust me, that plan doesn't work out well very often.
The Zillow Factor . . . a major letdown!
If you're anything like most people, you probably went to a site like zillow and saw that your home was worth significantly more than what you bought it for.  You got excited. You called an agent you knew. They promised you the moon. You signed the contract. The house didn't sell. You're now still where you started.
Sites like zillow are not to be trusted.  There's a secret war going on behind the scenes between realtors and zillow for this very reason.  Zillow has inaccurate zestimates, and realtors are trying to keep listings off zillow, so that zillow can't use the agent's data to sell ads.  It's been a battle for years now. You probably had no idea. 
Now you're here, pondering what in the world you are going to do to get out of this situation and sell your home.  
Was there anything you could have done different on your end (besides hiring a better agent) that could have maybe helped sell the place?
Did you get any buyer feedback when you had showings?  
Do you need to make improvements to your home?  
Did you deny a lot of showings?
Do you have any liens on the property?
Are you in pre-foreclosure?
All of these things on your end, can get in the way of a sale too.  There are a lot of details that come into play, when you are dealing with such a massive amount of money and such a huge asset. 
It's important that when you do hire another agent to sell your property, that you are ALL on the same team.  If that agent sends people to look at your home, your home needs to be on point.  If you have repairs that YOU KNOW are holding a sale up, you're going to have to bite the bullet and repair them.
Repairs are rough. They cost money and are a pain in the you know what.  We can get comfortable living somewhere and because we are emotionally attached, we can overlook stuff that needs to be fixed or upgraded.  
When a new buyer sees something that needs a repair, they have no emotional attachment, and it only looks like more money from them will need to be invested to get it up to par. They will also compare it to other homes they've seen, that have been upgraded and repaired. Outdated homes run buyers off. Most buyers are looking for move-in condition homes.
Now let's go back to agents again.  There was a survey done in the mid 2000s where schools polled citizens and asked, if they quit their job today, what business would they most likely go into.  The number one answer was real estate.  
There are tens of thousands of licensed realtors in our state alone.  
These tens of thousands of agents all take the same course to pass the test.  After that, it's wide open.  The only way you learn to do real estate is by experience.  No one trains you on how to sell a property.  All they do, is train you on ethics and contract law in real estate school. 
It's like college.  Just because a young person graduates college, it does not mean they are best qualified for the job.  Experience is what best qualifies someone for a job.  There's no difference in the real estate world. 
The statistics on real estate agents get worse though...
Not only is there an abundance of agents, getting licensed on a daily basis, in our backyard alone, Most agents sell less than 3 homes per year!!!  That  means that most likely the agent that failed you and most of the agents you will meet...they have virtually ZERO experience!
Speaking about the agent who failed to sell your home:
Did you ask he or she how many homes they have sold in the last 12 months?  
Did you ask them how many homes they have sold in their lifetime?
Did you ask them what's the highest priced home they had ever sold?
Most agents will sell you on the fact that they have 10 years experience. They say that because they have no sale numbers. Nothing to back them up. They hide under their self created designations and proclaims to be Platimun members, million dollar clubs. ..and they drive a beat up Ford killing time and showing houses to their cousin that may be an investor.
An experienced agent sells houses every single month and their record speaks for themselves.
Not to mention if the agent you hired specialized in selling $100,000 homes, and yours was $300,000+.  How can they even relate to your potential prospects?  Did you look them up online to see how many listings they currently have and the average days on market for their sales? It's all public data online.
These questions are super important when it comes to hiring the person to control the sale of the largest asset you own.  Don't you think you should closely qualify the agent that represents you this second time around?
Not all agents are created the same. . .
Not even those of us in the top tier of producing agents that sells more than the rest of the 95% of all other agents out there.
So how am I able to sell homes faster and for higher prices than the agent who just failed you?  
Simple: I am a master marketer as you can ascertain by this presentation you are reading now. I'm connected with almost every agent in this area.  I've done business with almost every agent there is, due to the heavy volume of houses I sell on a regular basis here.  I'm not you average agent, I'm a leader among my peers and always break new ground when it comes to new innovative way to market listings and sell homes consistently.
Your last agent's selling marketing attempt is called the triple P method.  It's a method where the agent Puts a sign in the ground. Places your property in the multiple listing service (MLS) and Prays it sells.  
That's not how homes get sold.
Having SOLD hundreds of homes since 1990, I determined that in every single sale of a home, there are 6 major and key components.
The reason your home did not sell is because one of them was missing and came out short.
They are: 
My role as your AGENT revolves around  the first 3 components 
That I can do ...and I do it very well.
The role of the SELLER is always about the next two components.
Your input on this is very simple, tell me when you need to move and if you want to offer any special terms.
FInally, the state of the local market determines the last component. It is out of your reach as a seller, your agent, the buyer and the buyer's agent. . . 
The price of your home is validated by the appraisal performed by the buyer's lender.
An appraisal is an independent  professional appraiser's opinion of value based on a property's market analysis as compared to recent sales for similar properties in the area.
An appraisal or appraiser can not be influenced by the seller(s), the buyer(s) or the agents representing each of their own interests.
The price is set by your local market. 
if you want a home to sell in today's market you only have to do two things.  Make sure the home is up to date and allow the market to  properly price your home. Nothing more nothing less.  All the marketing I do stems from those two bases, and I can assure that I will help you squeeze the last dollar our of your equity.
I've put together a comprehensive plan on exactly how I believe we can BEST sell your home in the fastest manner possible.  I've set some time aside to speak with you about this plan, and how the two of us can put it into play, and get you out of a home you don't want to be in. 
My plan includes a heavy inspection on my end, from me personally, so I need to meet you at your property.  Like I said, I'm an expert, an expert needs to see a home first hand, not take a guess.  
Once I arrive at your home, and have completed my thorough inspection, you and I will sit down and discuss the details of how much your home is really worth, and how quickly it can be sold (realistically). I told you it comes down to detail and pricing.  
Two things that I happen to have immense experience with.  
I haven't even addressed the reason you need to sell your home.  Once I find out what it is that your looking to accomplish alongside of the selling of your home, I'll put all my expertise, knowledge, and hard work into making it a reality for you.  
No matter if you are downsizing, upsizing, divorcing, lost job, promotion or anything in between, I'll go to work for you to make what you need to make happen, happen. I have a vast network of the highest qualified professionals you can find.  
As an expert, I've done all my legwork to make sure you don't have to. I've got everything you need in order to expedite the selling of your home and facilitate whatever your next move is.
What's the next step?  
Hire an expert! 
Together, on the same team, you and I will sell you home fast, and for the price it's worth. Contact me right now via call or text @240-426-5754 or email me at

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